Wim wimma, who got the keys to MY beemer?


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Yo yo yo, wimma here. Not actually new to the forum but its the first time I've got round to introducing myself.
I like to turn my hand to most things party wise, especially a spot of the old DJing and have been breaking slowly into the scene over the past couple of years DJing for the likes of Liquid Connective, Altered States, Synergy project, earthdance, etc. I put on a couple of small outdoor gigs last summer under the Balam name, more this year maybe?- watch this space.
See you at all the festies over the summer, and if yer sitting around up to feck all this thursday get down to Wild Love in Brixton for sum having it trance!!

:bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup:
:bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup:
:bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup:
:bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup:
:bottomsup: :bottomsup: :bottomsup:
:ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: :ph34r: i see you baby, shaking that ass!!

Welcome to the forum :Smile3:
Welcome, Welcome, Welcome. Wonder how many more of you are out there, that just never get round to introducing themselves, well you've done it now, HIYA!
ive got the keys to yo' beemer, oh by the way tis my beemer now, mmmkay!

:lol1: :P :Grin:

oh and :welcome: :hehe:
Gaaaahh :crazy: Flashback moment.....first time I heard that tune was in a car on a load of pills with a dealer parked in the slow lane of the M1 whilst he told me how much acid he was on and how it didn't affect his driving :crazy: :ph34r: Welcome wimma, and thanks for the memories :Grin: