Win a CD from Oxygen records!

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If you wanna win a new compilation from Oxygen records Come and play. It´s very simple!
Try to guess the exact lenght of the longest track from VA Satellite. Your opinion - name of the
track,artist and lenght/minutes and seconds/
send to our special email till the end of january.
3 first closest estimation will get our CD.
So good luck to everybody:Wink3:
Winners will be contacted by email.

Exaple of the full answer:
Audialize - Full on chaos magic 7:26 -WRITE THIS AS A SUBJECT IN THE EMAIL!

Oxygen records – V.A. Satellite compiled by dj T.V.

1-Mr. Peculiar – Elevation (written and produced by Dustin Saalfield) Australia
2-Setherian – Patch This (written and produced by dj Seth) Brazil
3-Audialize – Full On Chaos Magic (written and produced by Joao Appel) Portugal
4-E-jekt – Shigris (written and produced by Nir Shoshani and Uri Azene) Izrael
5-Gappeq – One Soul (written and produced by Jiri Tomasek) Czech
6-Vibra- Alien Intelligence (written and produced by Daniel Costa) Brazil
7-Spectra – Radiation Status (written and produced by Paulo and Francisco Oliveira) Portugal
8-Alternative Control – Esperanto (written and produced by Rastko Palikuca and Goran Toprek) Serbia
9-Sound Field – Ocean in Motion (written and produced by Andy Yakovlev and Liron Atia) Izrael

We will take into account only full answers and everybody has only one chance.
More info soon at