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Hey guys

we released "Wind UP" this week. compiled by Ans (the electric ant).

was wondering what the feelings out there are ???

we are really happy with it. it's our most international comp to date and has some awesome moments...well we think so..

looking fwd to hearing all your thoughts.

thanks to everyone out there for the support so far.

all @ NANO

ps: Hydrophonic "Aquabatics" gets released in a few days...keep an eye out...busy days here at NANO HQ :Wink3:

It should arrive in the post tomorrow; will get a review out in due course :punk:
Really love recent releases on Nano but had a listen to the samples of this on the Chaos site and it didn't seem to have the same melodies as the Protoculture or Clarity CD's. Still, suppose you can't keep bettering the last release every time. Looking forward to checking out the Hydrophonic release and hopefully a return to the lush melodies. Thanks for some great tunes guys. :sun:
Not as much of the melodies on this one.. but it really does have plenty of those magical moments :Smile3: . Its got some different flavours on there but they all work really well. Liked some of the artists that I've not been into so much like aphid moon and dick trevors AMD, joti makes himself a phat new style, quality as ever from protoculture and talamasca's track is funky and unique slower at about 130bpm.

Brillant Compilation!! :sun:

:!: Loved Tikals track too but somebody set me straight is that an infected mushroom sample, you will know the one I mean when you hear it, it just sounds so recognisable... any ideas?
Awesome stuff, really put me in a great mood. Arrived in the mail with my Glade ticket... bodes well :Smile3:

Particular fan of tracks 3 and 7... still waiting to download the free track tho. :Sad:

Didn't sound quite as 'morning' as I was expecting, but still sufficiently psychedelic :crazy:

Let's hope this is a showcase of what's in store at the Glade. :sun:
Just checked the samples.
I quite like the Talamasca remix, Tristan's & Allaby's tune is also nice (Spiritually Correct is still one of my favourite tunes ever), and the Alternate Vision tune is probably the one that stands out more for me.
The Man Made Man remix of the amazing 6 Straight Days is good, but I much preffer the original.
I have a lot of respect for Joti, but I must say that he has done much better tunes than Synthetic Telepathy...that track is still driving in its own way though...
I am not gonna comment on the AMD, Shift, Protoculture remix and Tikal tunes as it is simply not the stuff I am into at all.

Same deal with the Origin and Clarity CDs really. There were some very nice tunes like 6 Straight Days, Joddel and Digital Pimp, but the rest of the tracks put me off from getting the whole CD.
You guys at Nano should either release some 12"s with similar tunes of the compis on sides A and AA, or sort out a digital downloads system for people that like some of the tunes on the compis but would not mind not having the rest of the tracks.

Pantaloons i thought , bit cheesy for my liking :no:
Fantastic release, similar comments as above people. Nano are rockin it :Wink3: :partysmi: :partysmi:
i'm all over the protoculture one... f*ing awesome.

WHEN he drops it at glade, i anticipate pissing myself.

oh and the tikal one that samples daft punk is cute too :Wink3:
go and buy the hydrophonics album "aquabatics" it's ace, and they made me nearly piss me sen on friday at the glade... :wub: :wub: :wub:

I have a new favourite act....
geoffwiffen said:
damion said:
oh and the tikal one that samples daft punk is cute too :Wink3:

thankyou for saving my sanity damion.... that has been well bugging me that sample!

Yeah what about some vinyl 12"es then?
That would set you Nano into the reel culture?
C'mon-if the house crowd are pressing vinyl 4 Africa and the Dopeheads too then why not trance too?
I fully rate the Talamasca Track....

A very deliberate and motionfull track with a real kick-ass kick and bass. Very strong.

The whole essence of this 1 tune is fully tribalistic and creates a real presence of authority. Different and clever. Fucking killer tribal calls (like the one from the Kruger&Coyle tune - The Witness) Only full length and all pervasive..

Thourougbred motha this track. The Protoculture one is bound to be great - he rox and there are a few more suprises too inc the Alt Vision one. Bit different - not so full on whichc leadz us into new territory(ish)

The Talamasca track is really good if you missed that.. :runsmile:
Zaven said:
The Talamasca track is really good
And really original I thought!
Only heard the sound clips as I'm still yet to buy this CD but it will be mine soon!
random psyreviews review generator version 1.2 (PC and Mac) came out with this:

Wind UP
Nano Records (UK)

A new compilation on Nano almost always sets pulses racing round here, and Wind Up is no exception. While there may be less immediacy in the melodies compared with previous releases, Ans (AKA The Electric Ant, from a whom a full artist album is expected next year) has compiled a belter. Kicking off with the Chill Cliff remix of Talamasca’s A Frenchman In Cape Town: not bad, and certainly not Lestat’s conventional style. Think a very deep-tribal-african vibe, although it has a tendency to sound a little like Graceland-era Paul Simon at times. Tristan & Allaby’s Lateral Thinking is up next, and it’s f*ing nice… All about textures and tecchy patterns, and begs to be heard on a loud rig. AMD’s Quantum Accelerator is very tasty, Dick Trevor & Jules (Aphid Moon) have collaborated to produce what’s surely one of the big tunes of this summer. Pacey, with sublime production, and the breakdown’s an utter dream. Shift’s Machine Soul is gnarl ed and drenched in reverb, with an almosy ravey breakdown, and the ManMadeMan remix of Tristan v The Electric Ant’s Six Straight Days is cute: tuffer than the original by far, and with Sonya & Paul’s wonderful funky trademark groove stamped all over it. Silver Surfers (aka Protoculture + Sim1) are up next, with a Protoculture remix of Mudjaji… and f*ck me if this isn’t an utter orgasm of a track. Wonderful; production, effortless energy; it’s tastier than a giant tub of coleslaw full of playful lesbians, basically. With the kind of breakdown that has tears streaming down your cheeks, you might be in danger of wetting yourself when it drops. Pass the Pampers. Tikal’s Audio Energizer is very cheeky, with shifting BMP’s aplenty and THAT break that samples Daft Punk (and why not.) Finally Alternate Vision’s Sliced is a low-set, deeply progressive number that closes proceedings nicely, if a little bleary-eyed. This is an awesome compilation, once again displaying a confidence and de ft sleight-of-hand that’s at once rare, yet very typical of the quality of releases we’ve come to expect from Nano. Respect.

Four glasses of soy milk and a flapjack