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Money is no object and all you have to do is stand up and declare you music making geekdom.
What boxes that go bleep ECT would you have if money grew out of your ears?
I would like for Christmas.
Some nice monitors.
A virus
A koru Ms2000 b
I know that vst are easier but come on boxes that make noises.
A big mixer
And loads of old analogue FX units so I could sit behind it all and look like a nutty professor of sound tee hee.
Please slap me around the head with a dead fish or a live shark if this thread is to sad for words.
Oh and some nice headphones as my old ones just broke, arse and a load of sound proofing so I can crank up the tunes with out hassle
. :jump:
mackie hr824s
(or, realistically, some 400 quidish monitors, that have something resembling BASS ffs)
2 badass flatscreens
roland ax-1

also i would love to get a decent condensor, and eventually a nice input channel for it, but i have to admit thats not hyper critical because i can blag kit off bandmates for that.

other than that i honestly feel there's really nothing i much need.

obviously i wouldnt turn down a triton, virus, neuron, etc, but i certainly dont feel limited by the lack of such things.
I'm OK for boxes, to be honest (though an Eventide H3000 wouldn't go amiss).

What I'd really love though is a pair of Sennheiser MD421s, a Rode NT3 and a pair of Rode NT5s.

Oh, and a drum kit. :Grin:

88-key TI Keyboard, full flight-case and all-risks worldwide insurance for both it and my laptop
Two matched 17" TFT monitors mounted edge to edge with no bezels (19" monitors won't fit between my speakers)
A quad-Opteron mobo and 4GB Giel RAM in a Zalman silent enclosure
2xPowercore Firewire and one of the likkle mobile ones
RME Hammerfall/Multiface
A set of musician's earplugs
A Yamaha 01V96 mounted flush to my desk (to replace my aging Promix 01 which definitely isn't!)
A decent capacitor mic with a Focusrite Liquid Channel for a front end
Eventide Orville
3 more Richard Allan RA8 speakers, 3x Quad 303 power amp and a surround controller
ok then no money...

i will have a :

virus ti
a korg ms20
an FM7
a makie 32/8
a g5
and i need a really good flanger cause the one i have just does no cut it...
actually if anyone can recomend one that be grand...plugin of course (audio unit)
and a bassement or a barn... cause at the mo i am confined to hedphones :Sad:



Oh almost forgot well did forget. A Lap Top with for out and about and a Roland Teebe 303 cus I think its the law?
Reconstructed said:
djchoppa said:
A nice pair of Maraccas :wub:

Nonsense... do what I do: Fill an empty aspirin bottle with rice. It sounds just like one.

In what way is a bottle of rice as satisfying as a nice big pair of jubblies*?

(*amazonian percussion instrument, obviously.)
AlternateContinuum said:
In what way is a bottle of rice as satisfying as a nice big pair of jubblies*?

(*amazonian percussion instrument, obviously.)

All you need is 2 pounds and a lot of headaches. The Amazonian percussion instrument probably costs 100 pounds because of its authentic native construction and barely sounds any different. :Grin:
dear santa i would like a

moog prodigy. Or a moog prodigy. Or maybe a moog prodigy. :Smile3: