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Label : Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records
Artist : Wizzy Noise
Title : Punk City (The Single)
Type : CD Single plus Bonus Album
Format : Double Digipack CD
Release: March 2005

Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records join forces and proudly present you the first part of the Wizzy Noise trilogy.Micky Noise and Uriel need no further introduction,with four full album in their backround and with countless releases in the best labels of the psychedelic trance scene such as Spun Records,3D Vision,Dragonfly Records,Flying Rhino,Digital Structures and Transient the Greek Boys have established themselves as one of the top trance acts worldwidely with live perfomances all around the globe from Tokyo to New York and from Sydney to London,Paris,Moscow and ofcourse Tel Aviv.

Punk City is just a teaser of what is going to follow in the next months.A cd single wrapped in a marvellous double digipack package full of suprises.The cd single includes the futuristic track Punk City in its original and radio edit versions,the soundtrack version of the massive Overvoltage and last but not least the full on psychedelic trance mayhem Electro Mama that is destined to be a world wide hit upon the time of its release.Upon high demand the debut Wizzy Noise album Cybermancy is included in this special edition release as a bonus cd.Originally this disc was released back in 2001 but since it has been reprinted twice and sold out immediately both times we were asked by our partners and fans from all around the globe to release it again for the third and final time.The music directions and production quality of Wizzy Noise have changed a lot since that time but this is a real collectors item for the Wizzy fans and not only.

Punk City will be available worldwidely at mid April and it will be followed by the fifth personal album of Wizzy Noise named Sabotage that will be released in two seperate parts.Saborage Part 1 will be out in May 2005 and Sabotage Part 2 will be out in September 2005.

Get yourself prepared for a really wizzy year!!!

CD Single Tracklist

01.Punk City (Radio Edit)
02.Punk City (Original)
03.Overvoltage (Soundtrack Version)
04.Electro Mama

Cybermancy Tracklist (Originally Released In 2001)

02.Plastic Mold
03.Hybrid Model One
04.500 Km
05.Oversexed Succubus
06.Infernal Pod
08.Devils Night
09.The Crow

Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP,for more information please visit www.zma-distribution.com or mail sales@zmarecords.com

For further info visit www.exposure-productions.net and www.harmonia-records.com or the official Wizzy Noise website www.wizzynoise.gr I dont like to work too often,unless its for something groovy.