Wizzy Noise - Sabotage Part 1 (New Album)


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Label : Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records
Artist : Wizzy Noise
Title : Sabotage Part 1
Type : Album
Format : Digipack CD
Catalog : ExpoHarm02
Release: June 2005

Every once in a while an artist comes to redefine the meaning of a musical genre,every once in a while an artist stands out among all the others,every once in a while an artist bypasses our mental security and hacks into the main system,a sabotage at what we already know...
Please welcome Wizzy Noise,the audio wizards from Greece,the intruders responsible for the damage on the left side of your brain,the noise makers that your neighbours hate,the vandals responsible for the fire on the speakers of your soundsystem and the nervous breakdown of your grandmother,Micky Noise and Uriel.
After 6 years in the psychedelic trance scene,countless releases in labels such as Dragonfly Records,Flying Rhino,3D Vision,Digital Structures and Candyflip,four personal albums the last of which released on Spun Records and live perfomances all around the globe Wizzy Noise decided to release their new and most mature album under the joined forces of Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records.
Sabotage Part 1 is the finest blend of music that your ears and brain can taste in our days,psychedelic trance mixes with electro,progressive,techno and even industrial music and results in a magical journey into the unconsciousness full of trippy sounds and images.
Eleven tracks with crystal clear audio production and great innovative ideas all destined for worldwide success both in the club dancefloors and the privacy of your own room.
This milestone album will be released in June and is the second part of the Wizzy Noise trilogy for this year that will be concluded in September with the release of Sabotage Part 2 album.The first part of the trilogy Punk City The Single is already out and hot.

Are you ready for a Harmonic Exposure?

Album Tracklist

01.Sabotage 131BPM
02.Seven Deadly Sins 137BPM
03.Epocwave 142BPM
04.Punk City (Guitar Version) 143BPM
05.Congee 145BPM
06.Behemoth 145BPM
07.Radiotek 144BPM
08.Overvoltage (Soundtrack Edition) 170BPM
09.Tubeless 138BPM
10.Time Machine 125BPM
11.Exodus Part II 152BPM

All tracks written and produced by Micky Noise and Uriel @ Wizzy Sonic Zone Studio, Greece.
Guitar perfomance in Punk City by Theodoros Iordanou.

Mastering by L.Henry Sarmiento II @ Sonic Vista Studios , Ibiza.

Cover design by Micky Noise. Model on cover Marilena Maneta.

Globally Distributed by ZMA LABEL GROUP, for more information please visit www.zma-distribution.com or mail sales@zmarecords.com

For further info visit www.exposure-productions.net and www.harmonia-records.com or the official Wizzy Noise website www.wizzynoise.gr


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ANOTHER wizzy noise album? Most artists strugle to produce 1 every 2 years. But these guys produce proabay the best psytrance outside of the UK. Well i think so anyway.

Time Machine 125BPM, is that a psychoon? at 125? Dead intresting if it is.

I have high hopes!


Is it me or all wizzy noise tunes on compilations are the absolute highlights??

Go the wizzy!!


Pound Shop Alex Petridis
hamish - wizzyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!

(generally the only word we could come out with during a fat set from the hamish in my car at gnomelands)


marathon solo-sessionahoy
i thought there last album was pretty much electro - really good stuff but not really much psytrance in it.


canyouhearthegoblins said:
****** lets not forget the most wonderful part of all of this!!!!****** :jump:

IT'S NOT ON ***ING SPUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol: :lol: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:


Totally with you there Georgie!

They spun away!!



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Josh when a label approaches an artist for an album then also the label has just a little word on the music that will be there. Personally me and Thanasis from Harmonia didnt have to get involved much in the music part of this album since Micky and Uriel are already worldwide known figures in the trance scene and know their job really well.

We just asked for a massive production album with new ideas and out of the copy paste formula of our days and the Wizzy boys delivered exactly what we asked.

I mean i dont think that many artists in our days release tracks on 170bpm no?

If you love TRUE psychedelic music with powerfull and groovy rythms and baselines,tribal elements on the backround and great morning melodies all over then this album is for you.

If you like music remixes on cartoons and mtv artists then i suggest to look somewhere else.


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Well I bloody loved Stereo Electric, but didn't know much of Wizzy before that, so if you reckon that's their poor stuff, well I'm looking forward to this album!

Their set at Voov was wicked. They must be due a UK date sometime!?


Blender Bender

Chew-Z anyone?
psylent said:
Well I bloody loved Stereo Electric, but didn't know much of Wizzy before that


That is pure sacrilege!!

Your homework is to get hold of all Wizzy Noise albums prior to Stereo Electric (3) and study them as I'm gonna examine your knowledge next time I see you.

Punishment for not conforming will be severe.