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1. No Results
2. Baby Helikon
3. Hentai
4. Reversible
5. Electrify
6. Flashback (remake of a GMS tune)
7. Haiku
8. Majestic Wisdom
9. Pandoras Box

Theres been a recent influx of albums recently, some naff, some fantastic. I'm glad to report that Wizzy Noise don't dissapoint with their new album "Stereo Electric", a proper slice of tribalistic trance if ever their was one.

from the outset we get treated to 9 tracks of bleeps and thumps that at times is quite close to techno, but is held firmly in trance world by the throbbing bass lines and aphex sounding (in places) synths, which occasionally stray into 80's influences. It's quite at epic at the same time as being quite restrained, a good mix in my opinion. The BPM's are varied from about 139-145, which makes a nice change from the constant 145 that seems to be ruling the roost at the moment.

although it's not a massive move away from the sounds on electro theatre, it's a definite change for Spun, who while being one of my favourite labels, have gotten a bit samey of late.

in terms of "mixability" it can be a bit of a swine at times, but still a challenge is a good thing is it not?

I reckon that this will set many a dancefloor alight over the summer.

best tracks for me were

Pandoras Box
it's an awesome cd

altho i've loved wizzy for ages this really is fantastic
it's epic and very musically satisfying
it's psychedelic but with enough of a progressive edge to work really well
it has key changes that work and some BOMBS

and was finshed when electro theatre came out!!! :hehe: FAIR PLAY THE GREEKS
being wn it's obviousy ridiculously proffesional
i was worried by the spun aspect and was VERY pleasantly surprised

:sonne: :sonne: BUY BUY BUY :sonne: :sonne:

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

any one with a burnt copy of THIS one should be shot
Oooh Wizzy Noise again. The albums keep coming, another nice album here. Certainly retains the WZ tribalness, love the echoey sounds these chaps produce. I reckon 4 and 5 are my faves :sonne: :sonne:
Still getting to grips with this, I like they way they can be full-on and not so full-on all at the same time, I like the lush chordy bits they get up to near the end of some tracks, like the quality and togetherness of the whole thing. I like the way they get a bit technoish, but I'm not sure sometimes when they use like an incessent sort of nagging acidic loop thing which doesn't always work for me. As an album it fits together as one nice chunk of music. More listens needed yet.

Mr Noises graphics are exceptional as well, not many artists design there own covers, and this guy could stop making music and do the graphics as a full time job, top of the pile art, qualtity. (He built the website as well which is v.good)

The other wizzy dude, does the mastering aspect of the music, I like the way they have taken responsibility for all aspects of there production.
this cd is way too good. doesnt have the typical psy feeling or flow to it but it sure has adrenalin. they still do their own thing if you know their old lps. their sound hasnt changed much but it got better. crisper, fuller, louder (even louder then before!). the sounds in their tunes just sorta sound melted together. wish i knew how they do that :Smile3:

there is this one tune that has all these strange delays going on. then they sort of just cut off the delay and it turns into a normal riff. then go back and forth between the two. its wicked! i'm @work now so cant check which one that was :Smile3:

anyways, not sure if that counted as a review but here is a one sentence review for ya all: its wizzy noise, how can it not be good? :Smile3:

go wizzy go!!
After recent releases on comps (usually in a collaboration aspect) I was really lookin forward to this one, but I have to say that I was very dissapointed. Perhaps a few more listens might change my mind, but I feel that this one uses a couple of tricks over and over again that dont really grab me. Ah well never mind eh