WOMAD tickets


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Hi There! Just wondering if anyone knows anywhere I could some weekdn tickets to WOMAD uk. I checked the official site and they said thev'e stopped selling tickets for the weekend. Is ebay the best bet?


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dj chris planet said:
Have you tried www.scarletmist.com its a good place to get tickets at face value, hope this helps

I bet they are a good site and all but

'Say No to the rip-off Whores and Mercenaries!
We can do this ourselves.'

Doesnt fill me with confidence....:blink:

dj chris planet

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Don't stuff your money into their pockets.
Don't let them win! Don't get sucked in to supporting their greed!
Don't allow them to get away with it! Let them sweat. Don't worry about their Cash Flow and their credit card bills.
Say No to the touts! The Lone Individuals. The shameless touts that brag on internet sites. The "Agencies".And the Organised Rings. Stealing from the charity box is not on!

This is a quote off the scarlet mist site just to let you know this is a good site with morals


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Fantastic Site! Thank you very much for the information Chris!!! I'm going to keep checking it out, the lineup for WOMAD looks brilliant! BOOM