Women singing not folk

During the Britpop pandemic of the mid nineties, a new variant emerged - Cool Cymru.

This mutation was first identified in patient zero; James Dean Bradfield, before superspreader Cerys Matthews, caused a nationwide outbreak.

The Music Press was quick to act & managed to suppress the virus with a controversial but effective vaccine - Pete Doherty.

Cerys during the peak
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Aah Wales..Land of my Fathers; Daffodils, close-contact team sport induced brain damage & Margaret Watts Hughes - inventor of the Eidophone.

Her Voice Figures may not sit comfortably within any of the disciplines of her day, but they nonetheless gesture toward, amongst many other things, practices that only evolved much later in sound and arts, which understand the recording process to be a transformational creative act in and of itself, rather than merely an act of "sound capture". As such they deserve to be much more widely known.

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I was hoping to get a triple Bonnie on the go..but Langfords not happening.

The best I can do is this spoken word track which gives her a mention:

...Which actually reminds me a bit of Self Esteem..an artist I discovered for the first time on the Glastonbury coverage & was quite taken with..

...Another highlight from this years Glastonbury coverage for me was Roisin Murphy..here she is effortlessly capturing the feeling of getting back on it:

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