Women singing not folk

On-point club stylings towards the end. Banger.
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Curiosity about why all the fuss for seemingly run of the mill pop got the better of me, her npr gig proves she's got a helluva voice.

Bonus Dang:

(yes yes @floatyhippyflower - I'm well aware. Shush now)
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I do not know much by Wolf Alice - they are a band that have remained on my periphery - but if you ever wondered what it would sound like if Liz Fraser had joined Fleetwood Mac, wonder no more. I think it could be love.

Speaking of whom, have we had any Fraser in this thread yet?? Can't be arsed to scroll back, sorry - let's assume not. I could cite any number of Twins earworms depending on the day/week/month, but I will go with Donimo, because it was the most recent, also a recurring one.