Women singing not folk

One of my favourites...

Susan Cadogan-Hurts So Good
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And here’s one of those “kids In America”, Minnie Riperton. Minnie was granted musical immortality a second time, with her number one single, when it was sampled by Ambient legends The Orb.

Minnie also sang backing vocals for artist such as Etta James, Bo Diddley and Muddy Waters.

Minnie Riperton-Loving you

The Orb also famously sampled, female singer songwriter and Grammy award winner, Rickie Lee Jones on their signature tune Little Fluffy Clouds. Unfortunately this track contains spoken word, which means I am unable to include it in this thread.

If I had posted it, it would have probably been the Danny Tenaglia Detour Mix.

Rickie Lee Jones-Last Chance Texaco
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Here’s another stateside singer songwriter, who in 2012 became the first female Ambassador for Martin Guitars.

LP-When We’re High
Over the past a decade, a familiar sight at parties and festivals, has been the deflated balloon and its companion, the empty laughing gas canister.

This is not a new phenomenon, laughing gas parties have been popular as far back as the nineteenth century.

It has been said that a hit of laughing gas, can reclaim an uncomfortable psychedelic experience.

Here’s a song about balloons...

Nena-99 Red Balloons
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My favourite female vocalist ever and indeed my favourite recording, not just of hers, but anyone/anything.

I'm all about the "tragedienne". In fact, there is nothing bad about this track for me - drum pattern, guitar textures, haunting reverbs etc. They're genius too (badoom tsh).

This once saved me from an acute meltdown while travelling very soon after difficult news, and so instantly and unexpectedly, I left it on repeat for four hours straight until the destination was reached. It is now a travelling staple regardless of headstate - transport of a different kind, if you like. The title means, "cunt politics".

Having taken so long to get there, the emotional rush at the drop in this one never diminishes for me. It's not even my favourite track on the record, but 2m22s-2m52s are surely thirty of the most beautiful seconds of music ever committed to tape.


I love this live performance and how it showcases the use of her voice like an instrument. All these early clips, actually - she is just mesmerising. I could listen to her sing the phone book and probably sometimes she was. :lol: Goddess.


Christine McVie- I’d Rather Go Blind
Ooooh, I've got one...

Thirty-two years later, I still love those harmonies to death.

And we probably ought to have a bit of Stevie for balance, really. Aside from that unique tone, what I like about her performances is that she's a fellow alto, so I don't sound like a castrated mouse during singalongs, haha


^^^ Not folk even though it's folky because they were a rock band, mmmkay?
On the 9 March 1942, in the rural village of Garnant, nestling in the industrial Amman Valley of South West Wales, John Cale OBE was born.

The son of a miner and primary school teacher, he showed musical talent at an early age. He was awarded a scholarship to study in the states, where he would later form The Velvet Underground.

The singer, songwriter, musician and actress Christa Paffgen, appeared on the bands debut album, as well as starting her own solo career at the same time, with the help of John.

Under the stage name of Nico, she would perform in Wales several times.

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