Women singing not folk

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I am totally obsessed with this track at the moment. Love the reverbs. Love her voice. Love those little pregnant pauses and affirmation of each drop. There's literally nothing I don't love about it. Lovelovelovelovelovelovelove.

Studio version.

Lush live performance.

Aah the 90s... After the Baggy bubble had burst and before Britpop blew up, Grunge was all the rage.

Here are three of the leading female acts of the genre. Although notable for equality within the scene, the media found it hard not to use gender as a gimmick and rather than focusing on the music itself, the bands were often labelled as Riot Girrrl, a sub genre which was a more politically orientated feminist movement.

This goes to explain Donita Sparks infamous tampon throwing incident at the Reading Festival and exposing herself on live television, both acts of exasperation and frustration at the press for stating the obvious and irrelevant.

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Here’s Neneh Cherry, perfectly encapsulating the end of the 20th Century's zeitgeist:

Neneh was no “pop up” and had cut her teeth, leading the charge with avant garde, post punk, pioneers of the Bristol music scene, Rip, Rig and panic:

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All good stuff. I remember that episode of The Word – a rrriot indeed.

As for Hooverphonic, well shit. What a blast from the past! Still have their first album is kicking about somewhere. This track was very popular for a while (appeared in the film Stealing Beauty).

However, I also had a huge soft spot for the chillier album opener

Will report back when I've made a list of other 90s ladies, Tori, Toni, PJ and Dot excepted (because I already posted them).
big fan of Babes in Toyland.

L7 only had one good song imo: