Women singing not folk

Its July 1993 and I am at the inaugural Phoenix Festival with my Father.

It’s the first day and we sit in awkward silence eating burritos, the crowd in front of the main stage, bouncing behind us.

It’s not long before we go our separate ways - our paths not crossing again until the end of the festival.

My Fathers weekend is to be life changing. He tries Ecstasy for the first time and has a road to Damascus experience.

On returning home he buys turntables and a serious vinyl habit ensues.

He would develop a love for Gospel House and the voices of Michelle Weeks, Barbara Tucker and Candi Staton would become synonymous with my home, my family and become part of the soundtrack to my life.

Here’s one of my Fathers heroes; Carl Cox playing Frankie Knuckles’s re-mix of Jamie Principle’s - Your love...

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90's Bristol vibe.
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I'm posting this simply because it's my neighbour Lynne, and she's bloomin' amazing!
Amazing voice, and ably produced by her partner, my mate Jamie.

Oh my god, Lynne Jackaman??! Wowwww. She used to be in a band called Saint Jude and dated an old college friend of mine for donkeys when both were still living down in London. They came oop norf for a visit once, so a bunch of us went out for breakfast at a local caff where he and a couple of our other mates used to work when we were all still studying, so she won't remember me as we're talking over ten years ago minimum and I only met her the once, but she seemed lovely and yeah, fuck. Whadda pair of lungs! Like a contemporary Janis Joplin or something. Blast/past.
Now THAT is a small world mad coincidence.

I'm not getting any less smitten with Greentea Peng.
Back to the 90s...Britpop a scene rich in gender diversity, seemingly with as many girls as boys making a noise. It would eventually deteriorate into a battle for mainstream success between Blur & Oasis, which in turn would herald the rise of lad culture and pave the way for the hugely successful Spice Girls :Dntknw: