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hey dude!
sounds very cool! cruises along nicely! like your egyptian style melody, and de basslines nice and bouncy. cant hear much wrong with the production, but then im only a learner with undeveloped ears!
im certainly boogieing while im listening!
keep up the good work!
"Party on Wayne...Party on Garth"

:sun: :partysmi: :sun:

ps what sequencer do you use? pc/mac?
All me stuff is dun on PC Logic plat.
Cheers for the feedback .
Party on dude Excellent
Sounds good! Everything sound pretty crisp.

The only thing I wasnt so keen on was the chime/bell like noise in the early part. Bit too "x-files" for me! :P Aside from that it was great.

Nice structure though, it flowed well.
Anyone else got any thoughts on this one?
The more feedback I get the better. Especially if its telling me what you don’t like about it.
Nice one bro!!!! I SAID NICEONE!!!!!

Clean production all the sounds are really well seperated,
i think you'l be picked up very soon!

Wow you've dug up an old post here FUGGA. Thanks for the comment although you make me sound like a rent boy. lol.
I've got more resent stuff on my Website if you want a listen.
ehhh... would very much like to hear it but... page not found??

Please upload again
psyfi, that link is were i heard your tracks, flux is the standout 4 me!

but i really like nice cup of chai, and flatline 2!!!!\


I'll send you a pm later but 4 now get in touch with my mate Mico.... Contact@electricpowerpole.com
there looking 4 tracks 4 there next comp. tell 'em that GIZMo(jess) forward you 2 them. and i'll get in touch with them also 2 give em a heads up!:Grin:

ps send flux.
Hi Psyfi.

Found your trax, and i have heard "flux" and "my cup of chai" and they are very very good i think. I prefer "my cup of chai" for it's originality, really nice one, but "flux" is also a killer :Wink3:.

I really like your basses and handling of effects.

Sorry no critisism, i can't really think of any.

I have to hear the rest of your music as soon as possible.

Bom bom

p.s. good luck with the compilation :Smile3:
Cheers dude. I'm glad you like them and that you think Nice cup of chia is origanl sounding. I sometimes worrie that my stuff is a little to um... difarent from eveyone elses to fit in with what a lable might have on there books already but I have to write what comes in to my head other wise theres not much piont really. Just got to hope that people like what you make I guess.