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hi im a producer, i already work for a label but latley ive been experimenting with a unheared of genre that i call psy breaks.(well not unheard of totally)

People have suggested some artists doing psy breaks but what i hear coming from these artists is laied back mellow sounding stuff, to me psytrance has bollox.
Therefore psy breaks should have as well.

Anyway i have a few choons ive made latley and would it be cool to post some of my stuff up for u lot to check out. I know this is a psy trance forum so i thought id see if anyone was up for somthing a lil different!

Here we go, like i say its breaks but i have been heavily infuenced by psy trance. Take a listen tell me yor thoughts.

I have put the track on a private server so the only ppl who can listen to this are the psy forum massive. I dont want it floating around the net, well not until its released anyway! :Grin:

its about 9 mb so be a bit patient! expect to wait about 3-5mins on broadband.


And i work for these www.iceminus.co.uk psyxl.

And i have more tracks on a similar tip if you enjoy.
Thanks peeps
Really nice kick+snare+hh. :Wink3:

I like it but found it kinda monotonous.
Maybe if u add more fx's & synth lines d sound much much better.
Anyway i m not really into breakbeat so i cant make a good critic/comment, just my oppinion.
Which soft r u using as sequencer?
Phat sound mate! Wikid breakbeat but I would also say maybe a bit more needs to be going on. However I'd definately be bopping to this if I heard it out! Nice one!
thanks for the comments, my inital task was to get a nice phat sound using the drums and bass only. then put synth sounds that can work around the drums and bass.
i was fortunate enough to play it at a club a few weeks ago and the reaction and sound there was really good.

but any feedback is good feeback so thanks for taking some time to check me sounds!!

psyxel: i have logic pro but i use a various amount of different software and hardware. I still yet to see a software synth as nice sounding an as fun to use as my nova tho. However the new korg soft synths are pretty sexy!
just a thought on what the peeps were saying on this being maybe a little monotonous, maybe vary the rhythm of the beat a bit/a bit more. Everything else seems wicked but I often find this about breaks music. Personally I am doing some dnb tunes at the mo with psy influences, so this is good to hear.