WTF.. How... Random track stealing... happened to anyone else?


DJohn Mustard Project
EDIT: wrote really drunkern long message about my anger... and i've luckily managed to sober up in time to remove it...

Had a 2 year old disgusting horridly produced nasty grimy euuurggghhg dark track taken from soundclick and plonked on some random VA called "voltage unit"...
I'm credited (woohoo... although i don't want to be associated with it) but thankfully they've credited me abit wrongly (phew!)

I'm a morning artist fgs not a mourning artist...

what can one do? has this happened to anyone else?!


God mintsmak
What label?


DJohn Mustard Project
Voltage Releases... ? (never hear of them) but found the stuff circulating on DC... as well as in 2 portuguese top 10 "evil" psytrance threads :Sad:...


Throb Farmer
No such thing as bad publicity I suppose


DJohn Mustard Project
Monkey Do said:
Think of all the cash you can make as a DJ now you're released

Beatnik (Voltage Records/Portugal)

:ilol:! Do you recon I can get a blue name on Isra! :staring gleeful eyes:...

Well... there is something much bigger hopefully happening soon ...

Edit: knowing my luck probably won't though :Wink3: (touch-wood)


i would be so fuckin pissed off if that happened to me, especially if it was one of my old shitty tunes


DJohn Mustard Project
Fromem_Ory said:
i would be so fuckin pissed off if that happened to me, especially if it was one of my old shitty tunes

Exactly... I was ridiculously angry! I mean.. i'm being serious here... it is an absolutely dire, horrid tune which I don't want to be associated with. The production is poor, the track itself is just really sinister and disgusting... And if something big were (hypothetically) to kick off I wouldn't want people searching p2p networks and and finding this track... oh well :Sad:
Nothing I can do about it now (apart from get my blue-name on Isra :irolleyes)


DJohn Mustard Project
makdaddy said:
man that sucks! is it under the name of Beatnik ?

That's the funny thing... It's not BUT only 'cos they'd miss-read the name of the track... It's under my old (thoroughly unoriginal) name... so where it said
"Nik C a.k.a BeatNik - *insert track title here" <insert track="" name="" here="">" they wrote it down as "Nik C - BeatNik <insert track="" name="" here="">*insert track title here*" (it does not make sense as a title lol)

Not gonna say the name incase you find it... would be far too embarassing for me to take.



DJohn Mustard Project
Colin OOOD said:
Fingers crossed mate... they don't need to say things like that if they don't mean them.

Thanks Colin :Smile3:! I'm just not going get ahead of myself this time... (Aim for the best expect the worst)
(crosses fingers)