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you'l find me when you stuff the chicken

Please enjoy this selection of psyAntics tunes - free for u to download

Nb. the Feedback button in psyAntics site does not work - pls send any feedback thru the Forum... many spanks

ps, and yes, I do (now) know there is a Antix out there - but i din't know 'till the other day.... and by then the site was up - what to do?
...send me your new name ideas!


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apparent site problems

hey - i'm really sorry - i've no idea why u guys arn't getting into the site - gonna call my web guy and have an 'iccle rant...

pls try again sometime - if still no joy email me your address and i'll send u a cd....



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latest on site probs...

yip - a strange one - sorry again for anyone experiencing trouble
getting into the psyAntics site - i've just spoken to the guy who put
the site up for me and he is (apparently) going to look straight into it...

watch that space - or send your details to me if u want a free cd in post


Very nice of you to offer to send a cd up to me, I'll wait a day or 2 though before you go wasting any postage money on me. Let's see if your man gets the site sorted first.