Record Label

nice one dude..was at the tipworld party near melbourne a year ago - the one where dimitri played - and it rocked.... :P
Hello, hope you don't mind me chucking this into the Record Labels section :lol: :Wink3:

Tribe-adelic is in my top 10 labels of all time :byebye:
why is there only two cds in your little shop thingy? its just that i want to buy mr peculiars album but i cant find it anywhere (admitedly i have only tried psyshop and chaosunlimited) but i really expected it to be on the website of the label that realeased it and it wasnt so i dont know what to do now. oops kind of let my keyboard run away with me there didnt i. well if you know where i can get it please share the info. thanx :Grin: :Grin: :Grin:
Try saiko sounds or wirakuta, P's new stuff is SO incredably sik its just not funny!!! Make sure you all catch him at the boom festival!!!!

Go tribo!!!!