X Dream What are they like?


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Can anyone tell me more about X Dream (especially recent gigs like Samo etc.)

Just that the "PHAT BULL" party looks interesting.

Cheers, Simon
Well they've been around for years, their early stuff was kickin'( got a good old track called"Imagine if the whole world was on Trip"), but the last 12" I heard wasn't my cuppa at all. Best check out some samples on http://www.psyshop.com or http://www.chaosunlimited.co.uk or http://www.saikosounds.com or someone. Or search for their website, 'cos I haven't heard much of their recent stuff. :unsure:
I've heard that their set at Samothraki was very industrial, clangy type noises.

But as Fil says they have made some corking tunes in the past, all quite minimal and not very melodic but massive basslines. 'We create our own happiness' and 'The Frog' are 2 of my faves but the best ever (IMO) is Panic in Paradise off the 'Phosphorescent' album on TIP.

Worth also checking out their alter ego Delta especially 'Stranded' Johann remix (You must have heard that one) and 'Travelling at the speed of thought'

Radio album is the last X Dream I bought (also recommended) :Wink3:
i found their samo set a bit too caustic -- but then i had only just woken up at the time...

it's a good sound but IMO they need to do what wizzynoise did on their last album & get more organic sort of thing

lovely though and adore their older stuff to bits

seen them live only once, years ago a kundalini @ cloud9
and they were superb, i think radio is there best album but they have lots of other good tracks on lots of old comp.

a bit dubious about there new direction tho,
i say.....suck it and see
Old Stuff = Great, Wicked Melodies, Excellent

New Stuff = Dark, Dark, Dark, A bit to dark for me. I think something very disturbing must have happened to them at some point in there lives.

Probably pushes somebodies buttons though.
*Very* famous old track of theirs was called, "As a Child (I could walk on the ceiling)" - I think. No doubt someone will put me right if I'm wrong. I should know, I used to play it lots.

Sadly I have to agree about their more recent stuff - not my cuppa. It's too hard, too dark, and too minimal for my taste - a bit like they're terminally depressed... :P

I saw them at a Kundalini in Reading a few years ago. They were *very* intense. I had to leave the room for a minute, which is unlike me. Still, even then, they were superb.


close bark's - that was the delta, who is one half of x-dream - right i'm of down the trainstation to check out some intercities...
</div><table border='0' align='center' width='95%' cellpadding='3' cellspacing='1'><tr><td>QUOTE (morph @ Nov 17 2003, 03:32 PM)</td></tr><tr><td id='QUOTE'> close bark's - that was the delta, who is one half of x-dream - right i'm of down the trainstation to check out some intercities... [/quote:9aab565677]

Oh sh*t... :lol1:

Right, I'm off to get me zimmer frame, and bus pass, and long handled thingie for putting on shoes with.... :P


Hi i saw x dream at samothraki and they were really naff... the tunes were not to bad sort of but they had some lady dressed in bondage gear type thingy skreaching evil noise over the tunes... not good.. Havnt heard other stuff of theres tho so may be wrong...
X-Dream didnt play at Samothraki, Midi Miliz were meant to play X-dreams stuff but played their own apparently...i wasnt there so i'm not 100% sure but anyways...X-Dream are one of the best producers in my opinion, their early stuff is nice an melodic an gets gradually more minimal. "Radio" i think was pretty much the mother of minimal trance :punk: anyways, whether their stuff is yuor cup of chai or not it is amazingly produced an the live act is worth it just to see 2 'technicians' at work behind a mountain of equipment. as u can see, i'm a fan.
cya there :Grin:
when i saw them at karoo & moonflower i found them very disappointing, that was about a year and half ago now...but they really didnt live up to my expectations....

the other acts that played, cosmosis and bamboo forest, now they rocked :Smile3:
'Coming Soon' by X-Dream is one of the all-time greatest trance tracks. I personally rate it as even better than 'Trip Tonite' by Etnica.

I have to agree with the common consensus - their old stuff is much better than their new stuff.
Trip Tonite, now there is a peach... that everlasting building and falling melody could loop into infinity!
Then there's the goldie 'panic in paradise' - humdinger :punk:
It actually E-Rection's 'Out here we are stoned' remixed by X-Dream :Wink3: