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i'm really liking this....

it's another band that have continued to develop and evolve their sound, and this gives you an idea of what infected could have done </can of worms>

X-Dream seem to have gone down a kind of cyber-electro kind of route with this, and it sounds fantastic. moving on from radio and their early days they kind of went super-deutsche-bundes-techno (irritant - which was irritating, but probably not how they hoped) - heavy as fuck with no real psy in there at all. there's still elements of that here, and there's also elements of radio, and also some phatty-ass breakbeat.

The sound is really futuristic - it's future-techno for the crystalline anime crowd. We have looped, slightly voccoded female vocals with not a hint of cheese. It's all machinen-gruven insightful politically aware stuff, all accompanied by X-Dream on real form with some super-formed beats and an abundance of phat distorted synths.

true, there are some shall we say dubious moments but overall as an album this is great. so much more than 9 dancefloor tracks, though some of these will rip it up, and so much more than a bundle of concepts loosely held together with sticky tape. not being constrained by boundaries of what they can do, instead just knocking together a collection of real quality electro. some of the finest moment are in the stuttering and chunky breaks, and some of the others are in just pure ripsnorting tech-trance.

refreshing. big. and phat. we like...
sounds like an industrial Son Kite in places. amazing album, full of ideas.

favourites, We Interface, Try to Save Your Song, Virus, Distresser (pure techno, very very heavy, heavier heard live!!).

this album is so much more when it is 'perfromed' live. it really comes alive when all '3' of them are on stage

(irritant - which was irritating, but probably not how they hoped)

:sob: or :excessiv:

I don't know which?

"Wee In-yer-Face" sounds shit and I'm gonna cry. :sob:

Personally, I want vibrant, colourful psychedelia that put GMS and Hallucinogen back down the food chain. No offence to the latter of course...

Marcus.... If I see him, I'm gonna :!:

It's not fair. What are they on? KKK?

mo Fo's. Well I guess I should at least listen to it first?! :unsure:

As Far as I remember them, Marcus and Jan are only 2 Drat...?! Could have been Wotzit from Delta too though...

the new adition, Ariel...techno freak crossed xena warrior princess. scarey stuff. give the album a listen, it's almost definately not what you are looking for from trance but then it isnt trance and doesnt try to be. it's fucking interesting and got a lot of style. i like it more an more. still would never play it out
Drat Mafia said:
still would never play it out

funny that i might be playing a set to some first year students on saturday who are probably r&b / garage saturated down this way -- they might be getting some of tha x-dream rude-bwoy tech-bass-ragga-step fatness.
Zaven said:
Personally, I want vibrant, colourful psychedelia that put GMS and Hallucinogen back down the food chain. No offence to the latter of course...

then you probably don't want this. this is mostly brushed chrome and greyscale, with some rather moody charchol greys in the bass deparment.

(talpa on the other hand - now that's some proper psychedelia..)
play distresser :Wink3:
and intercorporal stimulator off irritant :speaker:

oh dear back into my techno again :ph34r:
You're bang on it Drat.

The intercorporal stimulator was on DrAT just after the RADIO album. T's why it sounds good. Along with Comming Soon*/Flex-a-thon and Slow-Sex.

Unrelesed Jems I had (* 12" blueroom as I recall). I was the man way back... Did anyone invite me to play em? Did they fuck. :mad:

Well actually I sqeezed Tyssen Street and the Rocket under my belt before retiring at just 22.


Mental tunes eh?. With a fruuUUckckckAuSS twinordial systemicanatomicalistic melodic-disorderalamoniumology.

ish. Intercorporal was awesome at the right time. Propper fucked techno-psy.

'Comming Soon' was the biggest thing that ever happended to me in a LIVE. Bloody-poo pissing out of my arse, propelling me into hell and back whilst don'ing THE pair of Mirror Aviators.


this is mostly brushed chrome and greyscale, with some rather moody charchol greys in the bass deparment.

:grandad: :grandad: :grandad:

"We are the wrinkly greys of three
Pounding techno makes us wee
You can't stop us from leaving a stream
squeezed out by our faves; X-Dream!!"

Like it.

"A colostomy creates a connection between the colon and the outside of the body. The contents of the bowel are allowed to drain into a bag. A colostomy may be temporary or permanent..."

i really like x-dream
it one of my famous psything but....
it go wrong way.
radio,create own...,express and panic are reall great psytrance but irritian is more techno.
heavy,good, but without ,,spirit,, or something like that.
and the new one.... sound is good, but conception,composition is more to pop.its really sound good,but nothing more.
it not take you up.
my opinion
I can't believe some of the shite I come out with sometimes...

hehe, i can't believe that you didn't / don't appreciate this, it a HUUUUGE sound and is just so different from anything else i've heard. i think it fucking rocks, more so than when i first got it. i tend to like things slightly more for being original however :Smile3:

oh and i can't wait for the X-Ray eyes club mix. so much good stuff on the way from G+ including a MidiMiliz remix of Psychomachine, oh the anticipation, i feel like a 4 year old on christmas eve :bananada:
I'm going to order it since you made the effort to convince me. Cheers...


Psychomachine RMX?


I was a bit hasty to judge having never heard it!! I was just so dissapointed with irritant having waited sooo long, it put me off this altogether.

I await my redemption.

Love it. I just love this album. Really huge leads and groovy in that strange X-Dream way. Vocals fit the electro-breaks style perfectly. I just hope this gets some play at the dancefloor. It seems that while plenty will like the album not many will play it when they dj. Come on people, psy was still fairly undergound last time I checked. Surely you won't break the "psy-dj etiquette" by playing this. I for one would love to dance to this and I still haven't heard it played at any parties I've been to.

Also, people say that X-Dream drifted too far away from the psy formula. Well let me just say that they'll still be around making great dance tracks long after all of the misted muppets have gone back to the legend with their overcompressed and overproduced crap. So there :Wink3:
*taps foot waiting for the post..*

"I'm bad, I mean.... I'm REALLY Baaaaaad"

I heard some samples of irritant and ran away scared, so I didnt purchase that cause it blatently wasn't my thing, but I checked the samples for We Interface and it sounds cool and futuristic. Nice use of electro and vox.. So I ordered it! :Wink3:
Like you say Zaven, hurry up postie... :!: :ph34r:
jsainsbury said:
I'ts fucking great, i didnt think so intially tho!


That one rocks! And it works supreme on the dancefloor!
(Mr. Muller (?) was playing on the after party on New Year's Eve in Athens he-he! :Grin: )

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