X-treme Fx


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I am considering buying some new software and would like something that would give me more sounds, particularly more interesting sounds, that i could use for my psy and chill tunes.

The other day I heard about the X-treme Fx sound design instrument.
I was wondering if anyone new if the sound bank of this instrument is any good. I have read a few reviews that say the massive library has everything. But are they useful sounds for the genres of music i want to make??

Also if anyone can suggest if there is any other software/synths that do the job.



fraid I don't know anything about X-treme FX but Absynth and Reaktor are both pretty top notch for creating effects on :Smile3:


x treme fx ROCKS !!!:ibiggrin: :ibiggrin: :ibiggrin: BIG TIME !!!

i love this vst... highly recomened it. but be warned its a rompler, but other than that i have no complaints..

and yes the patches are useful in many ways...
you can virtually tweak out really high qual samples of almost any bizare noize and twist it into a musical sound that words can't describe.