Top 10 Xmas Chart time - Top 10 tracks played this year


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Ok chart-toppers, what are the tracks that made you rock this year? What were the ones that you repeated on your walkman/turntables time and time again?

Here's mine in Alphabetical order, 'cos I didn't count!

Astral Projection - Amen
Astral Projection - Infinity Justice
Blue Planet Corporation - Xoco
Electric Universe - The Prayer
Hallucinogen - LSD (live)
Hyper Frequencies - New order of noise
Lucy in space with diamonds - diamonds and dreams
Lucy in space with diamonds - Stars come out at night
Psydrop - Fantasy Seeds
Psydrop - Fear and Loathing
Space Buddha - Under delusion

Now that would be some compilation :Grin: [/b]
rinkadink - syntax & whiskey [rmx]
hydrophonic - scratch in the head
polaris - alice in wonderland
shakta - tribal wax
mumbojumbo - weird, sick, twisted [cosmosis remix]
fatali - ultrasmooth
vibrasphere - newport [cosma remix]
rinkadink - pacific producers
1200 mics - ayahuasca
psy antix - i forget what it's called, but it's number 6 on his demo cd :Smile3:
seuss, alphabetise! look how much effort nbee put in...
My choice cuts...

Ticon - It breaks my heart
Ticon - Groovin The Bed
sprirallianz - The Fuser
Kox box - Crunchy Moles
Shift - Flex
Kooler - Mango
Kooler - Freefall
Electric Universe - The Prayer
Eskimo - Scrambling Signals
Eat Static - Helios

You see I find this kind of question really interesting, cos I'm still learning about psytrance, my collection is quite limited.... so I find lots of new things to investigate.
Delta, The- Thing
Etnoscope- Sunrise
Neuromotor- Fuck The DAT Mafia
Parasense- Iron Punk
Parasense- Mail Delivered
Parasense- A Nam Vse Ravno
Panick- Time Flash
Penta- In The Night
Xenomorph- The Silmanki Murder Toolkit
Xenomorph- Antimaterialisation
Nice and cheerful I see Jack :runsmile:
:sun: My playlist has been MOSTLY chillout and progressive house, actually. :Grin:

That's my TOP TEN NIGHT TIME KILLAZ list, or something. :Grin: :Grin::Grin::Grin: