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Hei hei DJ's.

Controller DJ? Laptop DJ?


Whatever. I would like to invite you to do a DJ-set with only Material Music tracks. Material Music is a Goa/Psy-Trance artist from Norway. Long story.

Let me.

There is something you do not know about Material Music, Erland.

Erland was born 1970 in Oslo. In 1981, only 11 years old most because of hard life, he came into varies drugs like pills and powder. In 1982 the year after, he became hooked on playing music instruments as well.

In 1992 he decided to create a artist name for himself, and went with the generic name, Material Music. In 1995 he found Goa/Psy-trance!! And in 1998 he became a resident of the legendary squatted Hausmania building in Oslo where he collected and owned a Huge synth and modulator collection. Years of life + drug addiction and family struggle continued.

In 2012 as a 42 year old man. He finally decided to really kick the drug addiction problem (which had been a steady issue wih him since the early 80's). he had to kick it to not loose himself, or in worst case die from it. He went within his ability Full Power Clean, using nature (forest, mountain, hikes, retreats), and actually went through both psychedelic, and spiritual ceremonies. And of much importans, he used sports like Keysi Martial Arts, and very much so til this very day, he used Table Tennis, to sweat it out, be active, to rid himself of the struggle that he Had to get or to be on drugs. Amphetamine among others being a favorite.. + psy-tones of the Love&Magic event-maker principles inspired him, which is cool, and a sober girlfriend was for sure an important key for his help to become completelly free. Needless to say he's been clean from Drugs since 2012 til now, 2019. And he is today a Table Tennis champion, and enthusiast (board member n stuff), & well often hikes in the Fjords of Norway.

Hence, a big applause to him. <ॐ

*he deserves the prize

In 2013 he had been clean (and gone through a lot of healing process) for a year, and lived in a studioroom to fulfill a big dream; to contribute and release Psychedelic Trance music. So he made the DNA Goa/Psytrance works in 2013 and the rest followed while becoming/being free from the drugs.. (DNA works now released on Ovnimoon Records EP and Goa Records LP - without this personal story being shared with the labels, OBS! All his music that has been shopped out by me to labels and people was of course without sharing these strong respectful but sensitive facts. Music first principle). --And in the 2014 era only 2 years after doing his absolute most to freee himself (with success), he made the 2Dragons work now released on Geomagnetic Records. Also in all psy-respect, he did smoke some changa and also did some lucid & mush [like in his studio] while being off hard drugs - not only to confront himself (to stay clean/off and true, same with ceremonies), but also to create what he loved the most, what he respected the most (P.L.U.R.), which is Goa/Psy-Trance ... In 2015 he made the Divine Dance album, and in 2016 he was ready with the "Unmixeable" works now divided into 2 EPs, Auxin and Belen) , and he followed up with the Madi Experience LP, made in the end of 2016 start 2017 (released today on the Ohm Ganesh Pro label!). He uses nothing today as he has successfully gone through the free'ing, and healing.

He had a heart attack back in 2014 (weak heartwalls), and his "2018" album project is called HeartAttack ---- all his previous made works which was given to me in January 2018 to release, suffered from Hard Locked Compression Issues.. That's mainly why it sounds as it does.. Material Music. The 2018 "heartatack" album does Not have the Hard Locked Compression Issue.

^ Which is part reason why I shopped off so many Material Music releases in 2018, and now 2019.. Erland and his sober girlfriend failed to shop his works off to labels (didnt try so much, he hoped more to be discovered you know, picked up - soundcloud etc.). ---------------- So about me, I got to know Erland (Material Music) in 2008 @ Hausmania. Very cool to hang in his studio and listen and see all the synths (long story but most of his huge collection is now lost, he is very sad for this). In 2009 I started a psytrance and chillout event/party concept called Love&Magic with some friends, and ran it as good and true to the spirit as I could in the City, with about 60 events on mne and our conscious mind, and Very proud of them all. He told me he used me and my ways and the way I ran Love&Magic as an inspiration and wakeup call to free himself from substance abuse. Love&Magic also helped Oslo some to rid the scene of GHB and the fucked up likes that for years was putting a real ugly stamp on the city partyscene... In 2015 he gave me a present leading up to me booking him to warm-up for MOONWEED (Jamie Graham) in Oslo. It was great sounds as it does.. super live, a recorder on the stage ..

I don't wanna bore you with too much details, but I kept the "Love & Magic" track on my computer, was very greatful for the present. In 2018 I decided that fuck it it seems the bar's been lowered much around concerning labels and artists quality, so I decided to do a limbo and realize dreams ...... And released the original Love & Magic track as a Single on my own label (KER) to see what would come from it. Much happened actually. Erland became very happy and asked if I could be his xxpsy manager and shop-out his old music / or release it on my KER label rather. I decided to accept and help him out and at the same time have fun + help my self some also of course. I made him a Artist Compilation album concisting of his older and not-usefull-for-bigger-labels tracks (kinda a spoof move by me also to release his old before his new, before he was known, and shop out his ,,better" DNA, 2Dragons, Divine dance, Æ (2EPs), and Madi Experience works to established labels) . I tried to sell them to other bigger labels first, but because of the Hard Locked Compression Issues, that didn't go so well, even though some big labels liked the music o.k. But the compression / engineering was a serious issue. I only aimed at labels that could suit Material Music's music.. It was an interesting experience for me and I'm very greatful for it. Because of my old connection with Dr. Spook of Geomagnetic.TV who i reviewed music for on the webs as psytones-reviews (he sent me So many CDs..) .. I sent him (Nathan Vogel) a (music first) mail, and he was happy to read from me and for sure into release 'em MM albums. No problem. And the rest is history: https://www.discogs.com/artist/6209821-Material-Music <- incl. public artist and person Bio written by me. We we we
no worry

... Material Music to the people, make his name, own Material Music name, Be Free- xxpsy management .. + to only release 1 MM album per label in sense keeps his freedom alive

You will get all Materal Music releases for free as Digital Download. If you Have to have the music to DJ the Material Music set delivered (to your snail-mailbox) on USB or CDr, so be it. I'll send.

Please check out the links to each release here (starting at the latest to the oldest official release):


Madi Experience:



Divine Dance:



Magic Science of DNA:

Love & Magic - the Dust album:

Love & Magic - Master XXPSY Systems:

So whattcha say, keen? Hypp?


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^ before 3/3 by dj Aion, the credible and one and ønly Aztronaut, made a mix of MM tracks, and this is the result!