yeaaaaaa! finally! Mr P. is back!


not a bum!
cant wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



happy juice
YEEEAAAYYYY!!! hes the best!!!

i just hope its back up to the indescribably good standard of his first album and not like that track on source which was merely 'great'.

Jon Kenobi

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I kanne wait......he's been saving his best for the album. some of the recent comp tracks have been a bit samey samey.........I have faith in the album


Aparently we got a copy laying around here somewhere Il upload it kazaa.


I feel so left out! I haven't checked Mr.Peculiar yet!
Looks like am missing out here...

Jon Kenobi

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Synchrosect stuff was better than the Elements album imo and I feel that he has matured so much since then and can now write wicked morning grooves. His break through into his new sound shined through on the Fragile Planet compilation Planetary Exodus and since then has produced a few samey samey tracks, but every 3rd track or so, he produces a little gem. The Prodigy 'smack my bitch up' remix he did is a great little work out but doesnt look like its ever gonna be officially released and only remain in the Live set.


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Mr. Peculiars’ Alien Mushrooms on Love Sound Devotion (Spiritzone) is a great track