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Schnippy the Bushdoofaroo

Hey... how are y'all, and a big "Yippeee" from down under.... Hope you don't mind a stinkn ozzy hanging round on yr site... Just thort id see whats going on with psy round the world atm and thort id better introuduce myslef...

My names riley, ive ben into psy for about 5years now, and have no plans of leaving this lovely "scene" anytime soon... I work at a hydroponics store by day and write music by night on my computer... my fave producers would be Parasence, Renegade Peanut and Delta Nuge, Shift, Osom, and atm really enjoy the Russian side of trance... all that fat stompn shit, not too heavy, not to light... blah blah blah... hehe....

So anyway, there you have it... that is me...

welcome home buuuuuuuuuuuuuuudy