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whirling mathematician
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just curious really...

my story - i started my 'career' producing ambient about 5-6 years ago... drifted into mostly dnb... then got the goa bug... which lasted over a year almost solidly, until recently when i started being drawn back to my original ambient stuff- with a strong infusion of gospel and dub, and a new comfortable sensibility about exactly what the fuck i was making, having discovered shpongle, ott, solar fields, etc, in the meantime.

also feelfree to share with us what other weird and wonderful things you produce

(for me - mostly various ambient, dnb, psy/goa, and my live band; occasionally breaks, electro, hiphop bootlegs and random nonsense)
erm here we go:

psychadelic jungle tekno trance core

is what i define as me, i try everything in between, but never chilled, allways full powered and menacing

thing is i go off in one direction, then come back to the first with more ideas, but i REALLY need to sit down and concentrate on a particular sound now.......
Since there is a bigger % on ppl that produce dowtempo & chillout music, I have to tell you about this...

There is a new label that is looking for new artists to release their chillout compilation... Send your demos now @ this address

Muddy Pig Records
8 Framont Avenue
Holland Park
Brisbane Queensland

Dont ask me more, cause I dont know more than this...
Take your chances!!! Wish u the best