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hello everyone! so to make things more intersting...........what is your fav plugin? let us know coz ther's shit loads of em out there and so many that we don't know about. bring it on!

well mine is the GRMtools Delays.

its a delay machine but with shit loads more features than you normally get. you can edit the number of delays from 1 to 96 (i think?), you can edit the distribution of the delays so can space them out at weird intervals, you can edit the amp distribution of the delays so you can have them fading in like reverse reverb, and also edit the feedback etc. etc. fully automated too.
basicall some nutty sounds to be had here - make the delays really short and tight and get some crazy comb filtery type effects.
just try switching it on over a sample and ou'll always get interesting results. :Wink3:
reaktor - write your own plugins (or i can make you a plugin for a bag of skunk) :Wink3:
battery - lacks filters but pretty much perfect otherwise
absynth - tons of really good presets, excellent editability
kontakt - best sounding soft sampler imo, very powerful modulation

i'm also looking forward to vokator (should come out soon) and intakt... a bit of a native instruments groupie, me, but only cos their stuff is so usable :Smile3:

spektral delay is worth checking out, but just isn't stable on some machines... ohm boyz delay and predatohm (4 band/layer distortion)... chronox isn't bad (real-time stretching/pitch shifting sampler/synth, but kontakt does pretty much the same thing with much better results)... scorpion, plucked string xt and junglist from sonic syndicate are very nice too...

i've got most of these, gimme a shout if you wanna check them out :Smile3:
My favourite looking is the Deelay Lama :Grin:
hehe atually my favourite plugin is the timeworks equaliser just cos its so sexym looking and nice to use. also antares autotune(latest version whatever that is) is pretty sexy and nice but i h=avent totally sussed it yet.
i think native instruments are releasing new versions of pretty much everything in a month or two, might as well hold on until they come out :Smile3: if you can't wait though, and live in london, i can get you a version 1.01 (i think) of kontakt, works well in stand alone mode but is very unstable as a vsti...
Drat Mafia said:
pentagon, triangle, both by RGC audio, reaktor, would love kontact :Smile3:
Hey Drat - got Kontact - the version I have is very stable as a VST instrument in Logic 5.3. Come and find me tonite and I'll sort it out for ya.

On the topic - I have to agree with Full Lotus - the delay lama is probably the most "fun" plug in I have so it must really be my favorite. You can make him dance and everything ! he he he he


At the moment, my favourite plugins would have to be :

Tau Pro (Surprisingly versatile)
Reaktor ('Nuff said.)
Delay Lama (for the fun factor alone :Smile3: )

FX :
Anarchy Effects Corkscrew
Space Effect
Waves Enigma (understated, yet very useful)


I have the GRM tools plug-ins including the delay, and I totally agree it is excellent but how the hell do you automate it in a mix, record slider movements etc, don't suppose you know?

Also while I'm on does anyone have Absynth & FM7 for sale or swap (although most of my apps are now a bit dated)


Lam :Wink3:
i can tell u how to automate in cubase5, unfortunaley i dont use logic or SX.
on the channel mixer in the top left hand corner there are two buttons - WRITE and READ.
play the song from just before the point at which you want to automate then press WRITE. Move your sliders around until yer done. Press stop, turn WRITE off and press READ. Play back the track and hopefully it should play back the song with the automated movements.
An extra 'automation track' should be created at the bottom of the arrangement window the part on this track will hold all of your automation data. You can go in to this part and do more precise editing to the automation with the cubase tools.
However Cubase5 is a bit finniky with automation, sometimes it works with some plugins on some cpu setups - sometimes not. Sometimes it is also a bit laggy with fast changes in automation.
CubaseSX has (apparently) addressed this problem.
Yeah Waves Enigma is a killer plugin, Metaflanger is wicked too but for bang for buck and just sheer outrageousness it has to be Pluggo where you get 100 plugins and a design platform for making your own plugins for under 2 bills U$. Check them at Cycling'74 Oh! mac only for now.
Plugins are rubbish.

Real men code their fx from scratch in HexEdit.

No mate... real engineers build solid tunnels of precise dimensions out of carefully selected materials to get the delay times and feedback ratios they require, and build hydraulically powered moving piston-style end-plates for those tunnels to get modulated delay times for chorus, flange and phasing effects. Real men change their reverb characteristics by setting up scaffolding and fixing a million cushions to the inside of the Cistene Chapel.
fm7 - works with anything and everything - the quickest way to liven up a dull sample, and an absolutely awesome instrument to boot.

ambience the freeware verb is stunning in my opinion.

the moog modular emualtion is special as well - soooo much bass!
i really really love albino, and albino2 has just been released woohoo, haven't tried it yet but looks promising! also use: battery, z3ta, pro53, waves bundle and antares tube is a great tool for phattening sounds up. :hehe:

huw xx
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ambience the freeware verb is stunning in my opinion.

yes! it is a blinding reverb unit and everyone should have it

click click
if you're narrowing it down to favourite 'strange' fx, then the grm tools, the quadfromage (esp. used for combfiltering), and granulab, are my main source of ridiculous noise fuckery. like stuff like the spectral autopanner too.

dont do that sort of thing too often tho.

my current list of *essentials*-

fx: ohmboyz, filtrator, blood overdrive, waves rcl, tc compressor. + less regularly some of many others obviously
i: z3ta, vstation, battery + bits of cube/fm7/synth1/imposcar/kontakt