Your Goa/Psy Recommendations.


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This was one of if not the first trance albums I bought. I think along with seven vaths the harlequin, the robot and the ballet dancer
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"Interstellar Overdrive is one of the most mystical projects of the Psy-Trance scene. Based in Athens, Greece, the duet has performed live in very few rare occasions. They got a contract offer from TIP World who wanted to release a full album of them in 1999 and they refused saying their music was just for themselves and that they didn’t want to expose their names and faces in public. Therefore the album never got released and the producers continued to work under a cloak of mystery. When trying to contact them through a guy who knows them, they didn’t want to get in touch nor reveal their real names. The only thing known is that they had 10 tunes (Part 1 to Part 10) that they used to play at their live/DJ sets in Greece. Some sources report 12 tunes, but this is unconfirmed. The only track they ever released was in 2003 under the alias Prisma. The project ‘Quantasia’ (who performed live at the SolaLuna 2001 @ Samothraki, Greece) is also said to be another alias of them. Further info and guesswork on Interstellar Overdrive can be found on this and this discussion on forums."