Your support wanted! Czech party police brutality…


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Here’s a burning issue that needs your attention: check out for the full downlow.

In brief, just looking at the pictures it is obvious enough that the details need not be known to know that the police have gone too far!

I am going to send this letter written by Shahar to various EU departments and embassies, and urge you to do the same:

Dear Sir,

I was shocked to read and see on TV the incident in which Czech police forces raided a dance festival on Saturday July 30th near the village of Mlynec in southwestern Czech Republic.

Pictures showing marching armies using tear gas, water cannon, stun grenades and batons on young happy people who have come to dance in nature and do harm to no one reminded me of dark times in history and dark scenes in futuristic apocalyptic science fiction movies.

I couldn't believe my eyes, especially when the pictures were coming from a country that has suffered so much oppression in the past, has such good reputation as a pleasant place, and has just joined the European Union.

We young people today love to dance outdoors to music that might sound weird to you- we mean no harm- on the contrary- others can learn a lot from us on the atmosphere and good will that can exist between people.

I am not familiar with the circumstances, but the pictures speak for themselves- no matter what, it is completely unacceptable to see armies march in brutality against happy dancing people.

Until I am convinced that this was a one time mistake and that the people in charge are punished and the matter is acknowledged by the Czech government publicly, I will refrain from visiting the Czech Republic.


This can be sent to:

Mr. Cyril Svoboda
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Ministerstvo zahranicnich veci CR
Loretanske namesti 5
118 00, Praha 1
Czech Republic



Ambassador Jan Kohout
Permanent Representation of the Czech Republic to the European Union,
15 Rue Caroly, 1050 Bruxelles

Tel.: (+32 2) 2130 111
Fax: (+32 2) 2130 185


Here is a link to contacts to all Czech embassies:

Lets get on our activist boots and show them how we wont stand for this!!!

Much Love,


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Cheers Pavi, check the thread in General Discussion


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My letter:
Dear sir,
I am writing to express my disgust at the recent police assault against the "Czechtek" dance music party on Saturday July 30th near the village of Mlynec in southwestern Czech Republic. Young people who had no idea they were doing anything wrong were attacked with tear gas, water cannon and riot police with batons.
All the excuses which have so far been offered for this aggressive and unwarranted over-reaction appear to be being proved false. The owner of the land had *not* cancelled the agreement beforehand - although this was alleged by the police at the time. Also the "damage to adjoining property" appears to have been mainly the result of the police blocking access to the gathering - which had done nothing illegal.
I am fully expectant of seeing this being taken to the European Court of Human Rights and hope that this gross and disgraceful violation of the rights of young people in your country is rightly condemned in this public court.

Obviously I will not be visiting this country in the near future now, and will make sure that as many people as possible who may have intended to take their tourist monies there are aware that it is unsafe for them to do so as they may suffer a violent assault from your police whilst attempting to enjoy themselves.

I hope to recieve a satisfactory response from you,


good letter there martin_e :Smile3:
couldnt of put it better myself


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Nice one martin, your version is more hardhitting still!

Sorry mods didnt see that general discussion thread at first, but it cant hurt to post here as well methinks.

Heres a video clip of the event:
(may not work on some computers, site in hebrew, but the clip should start automatically)

All the czechs I have ever met are very friendly, guess military police are up their own ass wherever they are from. czech out the dude mooning at them in the video!

Fucking bastards...