Youth - Secret Language of Ordinary Objects


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what in tintern abbey are you talking about?
The Secret Language of Ordinary Objects

Very chilled out this week. Which is needed, of course… If you’re still jaded and faded from Boom, you may well need this to stir your synapses back into life. Youth is a man of legend: as the ancient oratory history of the origins of psytrance says, the ex-Killing Joke musician invented the whole lot in the company of Simon Posford, Graham Wood and Raja Ram (and, if you believe Ott, Ott.) Rabid fandom aside, here’s a new album which, to me, is worth a dozen Youth In Dub’s… Best classified as psychedelic digidub, it runs from down tempo grooveage to slomo 4-4 ketaminesque dancing. Apple Tree In My Backyard, a collaboration between Youth and Alex Patterson, has one foot in Little Fluffy Clouds and the other in.. er.. well, something warm and happy at any rate. New Dub Trees tracks The Golden Legend and Celtic Sufi are up there with their best, and Pitch Black’s Electric Earth stands out for the way it envelopes you in a way that music rarely does. The Secret Language of Ordinary Objects has a quite unique positioning; not totally chilled to the double-digit BPMs, and not strictly dance floor -- it occupies that wonderful and rare space in between, of mellow danceable grooves that are an oasis when the mainroom gets too sweaty. As such, it’s going to sound different from most anything else in your collection.

Come and see Youth, Alex Patterson and Pitch Black (LIVE) at the wingmakers party on fri the 29th should be a very special night!!!!
I'll have to give it a listen - to be honest the last few Youth related CDs havent really been to my tastes - the last one I really liked was Kumba Mela - but this one sounds like it may be back to more upbeat Youth stuff.. which is a obviously a GOOD thing :Smile3: