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Youtube is great for wasting time. I subscribe to lots of channels, mostly science/engineering/documentary/history type stuff. Here is a list of channels, in no particular order.

Reviews of old and new audio/video tech and gadgets.

Technology Connections:
Reviews of old video/audio equipment and other gadgets.

The History Guy:
10-15mins videos with really interesting topics you don't usually see on other channels.

Code Bullet:
Funny IT guy that abuses his AI code.

The Slow Mow Guys:
Two guys that film random stuff in slow motion.

Curious Droid:
Mostly space technology videos.

Physics Girl:
Lots of interesting science stuff

More science stuff.

One of the first channels i subscribed to. This guy does excellent science videos. Deep questions.

The 8-bit Guy:
Lots of old computer kit reviewed. BBC micro / ZX spectrum etc etc

Practical Engineering:
Lots of interesting explanations about the infrastructure you see around you.

DIY perks:
Recycle old laptops and make something new and unique.

Because Science:
Fun show. Lots of random topics around popular culture.

Colin Furze:
Crazy inventor

More interesting science and biology videos.

Reviews of the games you wanted when you were younger. He also reviews some old PCs and digs into the history of old tech companies. Very interesting.
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On Twitch, not Youtube, a channel worth subscribing to, but only if you really like physics/maths/CS :

Torsion Jim

PsyMusic Radio

this whole thing is made by one person.

Proper level of dedication to a craft.

It kinda shows what can be done when resources are finite. When you start getting limitless budget/resources etc the art suffers as no restraint tends to be shown.

Same with, if you will allow me, the filming of Aliens. Proper tight budget and restrictions made people get super resourceful with what they could get. The queen alien fight scene with Ripley/powerloader is done completely in-camera. It took 16 people to operate the queen, it was supported by a crane AND had two puppeteers inside it to operate the arms. Watch it back now and it still looks awesome. No cgi, no digital alteration post shooting - all in camera. Crazy skills.

Just like Asartes, in the sense that Asartes is pretty much perfect, as the dood behind it knows exactly what to do with what he has.
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Ooh good thread. I need to sort out my youtube subscriptions so it stops recommending me so much rubbish I'm not actually interested in. I get way too many makeup recommendations and I am quite through my phase of watching those videos! Apart from a few I still like. I think I need to focus more on plant videos.

My fave subscriptions are:

Planterina - all about houseplants - she's amazing and quite funny

Becca De La Plants - more house plant life

Clean my space - OBSESSED RIGHT NOW

Hindash - amazing makeup artist and quite soothing videos

Jeffree Star - absolute guilty pleasure I love watching his videos.

Jackie Aina - amazing and makes me laugh so much


Oh and you can subscribe to my channel of course if you like :Smile3: I'm hoping to increase content this year -


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Twins the new trend - 16-year old twins review a variety of rock and pop classics. Their enthusiastic reactions are so refreshing.
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Cool Worlds
Sciene/Space exploration channel