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This album came out a few months ago, didn't see a review tho so..

01. Gaseous Blob
02. Hologram Infection
03. Cosmic Psychosis
04. Ground Zero
05. Paranormal
06. Beta Pictoris
07. Heliosphere

Wading thru album after album of mind numbing formulaic psytrance gets me depressed.. and then I come across a good album like this and it makes me smile (dance too :cool:Smile3:.

"Ypsilon 5 from Gothenburg, Sweden gives us a set of solid trance
tracks, themes ranging from night-time stompers like Hologram
Infection to true old-school influenced morning trancers like Beta
Pictoris and massive stormers like Ground Zero and Cosmic Psychosis.

The album features previously released Paranormal, completely fresh
material and a yet-unreleased older Ypsilon 5 -track Ground Zero.

Looking for a journey to the world of intensive psy-trance with
acid-sounds, sci-fi speech samples and loads of thrilling melodies?"

I think you would have heard Paranormal before, what a wikkid tune.

If you love the goa sound then this is an album for you!
Ypsilon5 - Binary Sky (Tranceform Records 2004) CD

Ypsilon5 – Binary Sky


Format: CD
Artist: Ypsilon5
Title: Binary Sky
Label: Tranceform Records, Finland
Cat. #: TFMCD003
Date: March 29th
Year: 2004

Track listing:

01. 09’19†Gaseous Blob
02. 09’30†Hologram Infection
03. 07’59†Cosmic Psychosis
04. 09’33†Ground Zero
05. 09’08†Paranormal
06. 09’43†Beta Pictoris
07. 11’57†Heliosphere


More old school than Donkey Kong!

Finland isn’t all weird faggot-squaremeat type insanity… It’s also the home of Tranceform Records, one of the leading forces in the resurrection of old school goa trance… This 3rd. release, showcasing some Swedish melodic goa is from Ypsilon5 - Gothenburg based David Lilje of former Örebro fame… This is old school all the way through – actually the only thing not old school about this is the cover-art which looks cool, but strangely out of tune with the music… Well, looks can be deceiving…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: Huh? So I accidentally got an old Astral Projection CD instead of Ypsilon5? …No I haven’t – I’ve checked and double-checked… This IS Ypsilon5, but could easily have been an old Astral Projection tune… The difference is minimal… But hey, old AP was good right? And this is good… Focus is the trance-inducing melodies, beautiful synths… It’s just plain old happy-go-lucky goa trance produced with modern production techniques…Still trying to figure out how a blob can be gaseous… It’s a mind-boggler! Anyway, great track!

#02: This continues in the same style, only slightly faster… A classic night time stomper here, complete with the usual sci-fi samples… I guess the old saying “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it†suits this, ‘cause there is nothing revolutionary about this – at all! Oh wait, actually there is this very cool “Muses Rapt – Spiritual Healing†inspired melody in the middle of the track… Not original in any way, but still very pleasant to listen too… Nice track!

#03: Slowly, building intro here… The odd Eastern flute adds to the atmosphere, and then BAM, the baseline takes over, framing another morning trance tune… Melodies swirling all over the place – this is fodder for all the smiling faces on the dance floor… Nice track!

#04: This is the track you can download for free… And I encourage you to do so, because this is cool! Actually, this is the least-old school track of the album…A slightly darker and deeper track than the rest… Still very much full on, with crisp acid-influences and super cool guitars! Very cool track!

#05: Sounds familiar? Well, that’s because you’ve already heard it… This track was released on last years Tranceform compilation Blissfull Moments… A timeless morning track here… Fast paced, simple melodies and just, err… Pure bliss! Reminds me of old Man With No Name stuff actually… Nice track!

#06: More jolly melodies here… I see a pattern forming! ;o) This is very light, highly melodic morning trance… Maybe even close to being Nitzhonot… I don’t know, but this doesn’t really grab me as much as the rest of the album… Dare I say, slightly boring?

#07: Last but not least (sorry for being so unbelievably predictable *sS*)… A nice, chilled track to let you relax after all that melodic mayhem… This is pretty straightforward… Mellow sounds, dubby beats and slow melodies… Nothing revolutionary here, but definitely some chilled quality… Ok track!

After years of living in the shadows, old school is back… And I for one appreciate that… Nothing will let your mind fly like the old classic distinctive mid-nineties sound… That combined with modern production techniques makes a great cocktail… However, I’m sure many will find this boring and very dated, but if you fancy going back to the old days and reminisce for a while, you do not want to miss this… I kinda have mixed feelings about this… I really, really like old school, and most of this is good, it’s just not awesome…I could’ve used more build-ups and climaxes in most of the tracks… But I guess I have to wait for the next Tranceform release for that – I hear that the ‘king of climaxes’ Filteria has a few tracks on a forthcoming compilation… To sum up; Listen to this before you buy… For some people, this will not be an essential release, but for what it is, it’s quite good! ;o)


Favourites: 1, 4 (!!)


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