Z MAN - ’STORYTELLER’ on Ajuca Records!


Hey guys ! we have amazing new Cd coming out on Ajuca Records!



Cat No: AJUCD006

Format: CD

Release Date: 05th December 2005


1. The way I feel
2. The bee way
3 In the Mix (Artax rmx)
4. Luke S
5. Hypnotic Potential feat Savalas
6. Storyteller
7. Stalefish
8. Control
9. Vamos Carbon
10. We are not Alone

Mastered by Tony Dixon at Masterpiece studios in London.
Artwork by Iain Dub



Artist Profile:

Z:Man is Jonas Bergvall from Sweden, a psytrance veteran. Jonas started producing music in 1997, when he joined forces with Dennis Tapper and Jonas Pettersson and together they were "Hux Flux". They produced many tracks together but just before the release of the first Hux Flux album "Cryptic Crunch" on Koyote Records, Jonas Bergvall and Jonas Pettersson decided to leave this project, together with Johan Krafft and they then started a new project called "Logic Bomb".

The first Logic Bomb album called "Headware" was released on Spiral Trax in 2000 and was an instant success. One of the first live performances was at the Boom Festival in Portugal in the year 2000 and after that followed a tour that took them to all the continents of the world. They produced tracks for various labels (TIP World, 3D Vision, Solstice Music to name a few) and also did tracks for commercials and movies. In the late 2001 Jonas and the other guys in Logic Bomb decided to call it a day and they decieded to part ways to start work on their solo projects. Jonas however was still involved in the second Logic Bomb album "Unlimited" released on TIP World and today Jonas is back working with Logic Bomb again and they are currently working on a new album.

Since then Jonas Bergvall has collaborated with Shaffel Records (Israeli), Turbo Trance (France), Ajuca and Liquid records (UK) and has been busy making tracks with numerous psytrance artists including Skazi, Tranan, Alternate Vision, S-Range and his younger brother Lars "Artax" Bergvall.

After almost 2 years in the studio and a lot of soul searching the first Z:Man album is starting to take form and is scheduled for release soon on Ajuca records. Dont miss this story..........!!!


Direct DJ
Looking forward to this, some tracks sound amazing, whilst others are more straight affairs, but overall well groovy, and a bit of journey!! (found long samples available on saikosounds)

1,2,9, and 10 sounded like absolut peaches!
The first track sounded like a great tribal slo-mo thing, like the track he did on Turbo Trance Scandinavian Express 130bpm slinkyness...

Good Work Ajuca!!! Roll on December! :Wink3:


God mintsmak
Woohoo, another one I just can't wait for. :Smile3: