Zia-Trance 2 year anniversary special!


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Zia-Trance is proud and honored to announce two years of successful broadcasting!

To celebrate the anniversary Zia-Trance, in collaboration with the Chilluminati, will feature a selection of artists and DJs performing at the upcoming three-day, psytrance and IDM music festival, GeoLogic. It’s going to be held in a cave in Southern Illinois State from July 15th to the 17th. The headlining acts are Neuromotor and Initialization String.

The anniversary special includes a live set by Initialization String, as well as tracks off of two of their two released albums and other unreleased material. Also featuring DJ performances by Binary, Derby, Kri, SOT, and myself.

Psychedelic dedication and love for the music are communicated in an astounding array of blistering, groovy, and mind expanding aural compositions.

Airing from 6/30 to 7/14.

It has been my pleasure to help spread the psychedelic sound.

Thank you for your continued positive support.
Best wishes,
Bob Trahpek

Z I A – T R A N C E
Psychedelic Goa Trance
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Schedule of events:

Starting at 8 PM EST and repeating at roughly 8 AM EST

Performance order:

Neuromotor tracks - 35 minutes total - starting 8 AM or PM
Initialization String Live - 2:14 minutes - starting at roughly 8:40 AM or PM
Bob Trahpek - 60 minutes - starting at roughly 11 PM or AM
Kri - 1:15 minutes - starting at roughly 12 PM or AM
Initialization String tracks - 30 minutes total - starting at roughly 1:15 PM or AM
SOT - 1:17 minutes - starting at roughly 1:45 PM or AM
Binary - 1:20 minutes - starting at roughly 3 PM or AM
Initialization String tracks - 25 minutes total - starting at roughly 4:20 PM or AM
Derby - 2:25 minutes - starting at roughly 5 PM or AM
Initialization String tracks - 30 minutes total - starting at roughly 7:30 PM or AM

Initialization String ~
This psychedelic trio from Texas will bombard your senses with full-on-funky-melodic-psy, deep from within the machine. Widely known for their live drumming and emphasis on electronically manipulated tribal beats from the netherworld.

Purchase Init String CDs & Vinyl @

The Chilluminati present:
An Aestival Festival
Shawnee Cave Amphitheater - Located in Southern Illinois
Surrounded by nature preserves & known for it's phenomenal acoustics.

July 15th - 17th

40 psychedelic trance and IDM live acts and DJs.
Three Days and two nights of music, visuals, art, fire & dance

18+ unless accompanied by a parent.
Children under 12 (accompanied by parent) FREE
Camping, parking included in admission fee.
Entertainment subject to change.

Complete up-to-date event information can be found at: