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01.Wizzy Noise-Opus Drive(Exposure prod unr)
02.Overlap-Fantazy without end(zma rec unr)
03.SiriusIsness-Home Sick(zma rec unr)
04.Orion-speaker speaker(exposure Prod unr)
05.Archivolt-Epsilon(zma rec unr)
06.Orion-Slide into bleeps(zma rec unr)
07.Polaris-Storm(harmonia rec HRCD001)
08.Prosper-J planet(zmacd021)
09.Logic Bomb-Mystery Mirror(Exposure Prod EXPOCD001)

Progressive Top 10
01.Heliotrope-Lazy Bones(zma rec unr)
02.The higher Human form album(zmacd022)
03.FREq-Cosmic Nature(zma rec unr)
04.Sensum-Let's turn on(zma rec unr)
05.Segment-We sold our souls/OLOLIUQUI RMX(zma unr)
06.FREq vs Spherical vs Fractal Glider-DFF(zma rec unr)
07.Session Vol.2(Mental Ants cd compilation)
08.Krueger and Coyle-Randy Expander(ACDC)
09.Sun Control Species-Structure(zma rec unr)
10.Sun Control Species-From within to without(zenon rec zencd002)
killer. bring on the suncontrolspecies album, been waiting all year for it !!
Exciting times, although i know none of the unreleased tracks would be nice to think they will get released
New Orion! cool, gonna check out whom Exposure are...