ZMA Records:V/A Monrchie 5 OUT now!:)


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Compilation Monarchie 5 is out now!:Smile3:

This is the new info sheet regarding the new cd release of the Greek label Z.M.A rec.We continue with this cd the Monarchie series which are dedicated on the full on psy sound.
We choose this time to mix big and established bands(Logic Bomb,Nomad,Orion,SiriousIsness) which have left their footprints on the psy trance pose with some new but really promising upcoming bands(overlap,archivolt,enterprise,kronos).This is a universal cd release covering all the forms of the psy trance.
All tracks are previously unreleased and signed exclusive in our label.We reassure you that this new cd will satisfy all psy freaks and not only.

Track list:

01.Kronos – So small so strong

02.Enterprise - Interferon

03.Logic Bomb – Rudy can’t fail

04.Overlap – Fantazy with out end

05.Archivolt - Epsilon

06.SiriousIsness – Home sick

07.Orion – Slide into Bleeps

08.D Tek - Scanners

09.Nomad – Deep Inside

Globally distributed by:
Z.M.A. Label Group Distribution
PoBox 2164 41001 Larissa Greece

For any enquiries feel free to contact us at:

Or visit our new online

Soon Distributed Exclusively By :
ZMA Label Group

Discovalley Records-Psycho Cell compilation DVRCD003
Released Date:/10/2004(azax syndrome,kindzadza,seroxat,parahulu,psychotic micro,brain waves,kemic-al)

Exposure Records-T.B.A compilation EXPOCD002
Released Date:10/10/2004
(Synthetic,Deedrah vs D.Psaras,Alien Project,Logic Bomb,Silicon Sound,Space Cat,Orion,Wizzy Noise,Astrix,Althom)

Starsound Records – Reincarnation Compilation SSCD009
Released Date : End October
(Logic Bomb,Nomad,D-Tek,Overlap,Polaris and more to be confirmed)
This looks phat indeed!
The Track list is all you need to know Mo Fo.


Orion, Sirius AND Logic Bomb.

Bring out the Gimp.


Z.I.L.L.I.O.N M.E.T.A.L A.N.A.R.C.H.I.E Duuuuuuuuude. :punk:
Get your dancing shoes on its a good one, orion d-tek nomad on form :? :? :?

enterprise and overlap tracks are good solid tunes as well :party2:
I think the Overlap album is amazing - no1 seems to have it but i rate it really highly.
Tracks sound a bit samey but are mostly full of crazy noises and really intense stuff :Smile3:

sory - :offtopic: but just in response to canyouhearthegoblins
:dito: ive been plugging his/their name for ages and no ones been listening!
Umm, havent heard this yet but slightly weary like the goblin hearer! I know samples are not a great test of a track but it doesnt sound that strong. Monarchie 3 is still one the best CD's in my case logic, monarchy 4 was mainly horrible, whats this going to be like? And as for Overlap, excellent stuff really psychedelic with loiads of danceability!
D-tek track is wickid!
Orion is nice
getting into Enterprise
Logic Bomb track a bit too fast imo
all in all a reasonable compilation