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zmacd023 A day After compilation

hercules Sep 3, 2004

  1. hercules

    hercules Junior Members

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    Zillion Mental Anarchie Records-Info sheet

    A DAY AFTER…….compilation
    Bar Code: 5 20 10 13 616 835
    Release Date: 12/9/2004

    Track list:


    02.FREq-Cosmic Nature

    03.Krama vs. Castell – Ministry Of Fantasy

    04.Heliotrope – Lazy Bones

    05.Sensum – Let’s Turn On

    06.Segment – We Sold Our Souls (Ololiuqui REMIX)

    07.FREq vs. Spherical vs. Fractal Glider - DFF


    This is the new info sheet regarding the new cd release of ZMA. records. This new cd carries the hottest names at the moment of the progressive psy trance.
    From the magic Ozland Freq already known for his remarkable debut album on IBOGA and his unique releases on high respected labels like plusquam, Zenon, Nervine deliver us 2 tracks. The first one is a solo tune with fantastic female vocals and an incredible built up ending to high-energy melodies. The second is collaboration between him and two other bands also from Australia (fractal glider and spherical), which we reassure you that the result is unique.
    On this cd we also host 2 more bands from Australia, which soon will release their debut albums on our label.
    SunControlSpecies, who has already caught the attention from many followers, made for this compilation a special tune to give us a taste of what we have to expect from his forthcoming album. On the paths that Antix made, SunControlSpecies comes among with this enjoyable track.
    Then it is Sensum with his tune invite us to turn on. Let’s follow him. For sure this track will leave its stamp on everyone who will listen it to.
    The compilation continues with a finest collaboration between Castell from Denmark half of the DVEI band who is responsible for the a & r of Nervine Records and the new comers from Greece Krama.Killer driving bassline combined with intergalactic melodies make this track really special.
    We reserved also for this compilation a stomper remix from ololiuqui who counts already 3 albums on Spirit Zone and numerous releases on various labels on behalf of Segment. The original tune was released on the remarkable album of Segment 2 years ago in our label. An excellent production as only Ololiuqui can guarantee.
    Finally the compilation is filled up with 2 tracks from Heliotrope. This new Greek band that is responsible also for those 2 finest tunes on BATTLE ROYAL compilation more mature than ever are ready for their chance. With those 2 new tracks we are pretty sure that everyone will speak for them. So deep and so banging never made before. Truly winners. Please welcome them.

    Globally distributed by:
    Z.M.A. Label Group Distribution
    PoBox 2164
    41001 Larissa Greece
    For any enquiries feel free to contact us at:
    Tel: +306945853002

    Or visit our new online shop:www.zma-distribution.com

    Soon Distributed Exclusively By ZMA Label Group

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