Zoo-b 4 :Future Technologies (USTA)

Vanilla Penguin

V.P Psy comes to Dorset
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Dorchester (Dorset)
This is the fourth part of the Zoo-b compilations..out on Usta records.
Track one is N.O.K. bringing a good powerful start with his own stamp on it..nice melodies & quite a unique breakdown.
2. Optokoppler - Dance ..Great anthemic melody with a nice rolling bassline.. excellent track.
3.Magical Sex - Venus .. Quite a slow builder this one...gets going nicely in the last couple of minutes..
4. Enzio -Inside This House ..Definitely a dancefloor filler, quite funky, but not very original..weakest link on an otherwise great album in my opinion.
5.Genetic Spin -Cat Vs Pidgeon.. THIS ALBUM is worth buying for this track alone..Excellent..very original & rereshing to find..undoubtedly the standout track of the album in my eyes.
6.Narcotix-Magic Power.. A quite dark intro..but good mix of both the full-on & more progressive sound..& it works well.
7.Miditec (Miki Babas ex- Beathackers) -Dance the Beat .. Great bassline & hints at Miki's new direction.
8.System Nipel :Radiance.. Classic track ...remixed by Psytekk.. Play it out!!

Great album & worht the purchase price for track five alone... not a bad track amongst them..though 4 may be the weak link.