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Artist: Bluetech.
Title: Elementary Particles & Prima Materia.
Genre: Chill Out, Ambient, PsyDM
Label: Aleph Zero Records
Media Format: 2xCD
Catalog No.: AlephZ02
Release Date: August, 30th 2004.

Aleph Zero is proud to present its second release, a special double CD edition from a new uprising force in the chillout section, Bluetech. This release is a magical journey that cannot go wrong with a total of nearly two hours of playing time.

Evan Bluetech was classically trained on the piano but found the gateway for releasing his musical creation and talent in the electronic music scene. Evan developed his own special blend of musical style. A style which is purely improvisational and lyrical, inspired by the possibilities of telling musical stories through tone and rhythmic transaction, while constantly drawing inspiration from the different evolving electronic musical genres. He has released tracks on a number of labels all around the world.

Elementary Particles & Prima Materia offer the latest chilling and spine shuddering tunes coming from the mystical green forest atmosphere of Oregon in the Northwest of the US where Evan resides. It is a package of sounds filled with emotion, moods, psychedelia and mystery. While encompassing musical touches from different parts of the globe, it presents a total blend, crossing genres and borders. The outcome is a musical journey reaching far away realms that is soothing to your brain and to your heart.

Track listing:

Elementary Particles
1. Elementary Particles (re-edit)
2. Alchemie Dub
3. Cosmologic
4. Koinonea
5. Prayers For Rain (J.Viewz remix)
6. Oleander
7. Worthy

Prima Materia
1. Leaving Babylon
2. Prophetic Sines
3. Triangle (retriangulated)
4. Rubicon
5. Prayers For Rain (dub mix)
6. White Magnesia
7. 7th Phase Dub
8. Burning Waters
9. Mezzamorphic
10. Desperate Ends
11. Cliffdiving


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Don’t miss out this excellent release... over 2 hours of amazing deep organic musical journey for almost the price of a single CD =)

Review courtesy of PKS /

Aleph Zero Records is a label based in Israel, run by Yaniv Shulman and Shahar Bar-Itzhak. The first release on this label came last year, which was the fantastic second album by Shulman. They focus on the psychedelic side of electronic chill out music. Now they are out with the second release on this label, which is a double album by an artist from the US (Oregon) called Bluetech (Evan Bluetech). Bluetech is an artist I have heard much good about, but I have never heard his music until now. And what a positive surprise to suddenly sit here with a double CD full of chilled goodies from this artist! You also get a really nice cover art with this release.

Bluetech "Elementary Particles + Prima Materia" Aleph Zero Records 2004 (AlephZ02)

CD1: Elementary Particles

1. Elementary Particles (Re-Edit)
2. Alchemie Dub
3. Cosmologic
4. Koinonea
5. Prayers For Rain (J. Views Remix)
6. Oleander
7. Worthy

CD2: Prima Materia

1. Leaving Babylon
2. Prophetic Sines
3. Triangle (Retriangulated)
4. Rubicon
5. Prayers For Rain (Dub Mix)
6. White Magnesia
7. 7th Phase Dub
8. Burning Waters
9. Mezzamorphic
10. Desperate Ends
11. Cliffdiving

The first track on CD 1 called Elementary Particles gives us a beautiful, totally relaxed start on this journey. Floating vibes, with slow, dubby beats, echoing sounds and some beautiful sounds forming into a melody. Definitely one of the most beautiful chill out tracks I have heard this year. Perfect opening on a chill out set. Track 2 starts with weird, psychedelic sounds. Then some relaxed dubby beats glide into the track together with reggae influenced sounds and other weird ingredients. Quite happy, smoked out chill out track. You also get a beautiful ethnic voice in there. Fantastic track with great variation of melodies, sounds and dubby effects. Track 3 goes back to a floating soundscape again. Relaxing, very electronic sounding melodies and a totally mystic, psychedelic vibe all the way through. Again we get great variation so we never get a boring moment. Track 4 goes the dubby direction again. Relaxing beats with a wonderful melody floating above. I love those playful sounds that jumps in and out of these tracks. Track 5 goes another direction. Here we get some kind if electronic jazz. This track is actually remixed by J. Viewz (Jonathan Dagan) from Israel, who is one half of the famous duo called Violet Vision. Pretty experimental jazzy vibe with a lot of great variation. Fantastic! Track 6 has a bit more melancholic vibe, still with fresh psychedelic sounds swirling and jumping in all the way through. The last track on CD 1 is a totally floating track with some eastern vibes. Very deep and mystic. What a great first CD!

CD 2 called Prima Materia starts with a beautiful, varied track. Very psychedelic all the way through, with fantastic sounds, great melodies and even some twisted vocals. Track 2 on the second CD goes darker and more mystic. A very deep sound with an eastern vibe written all over it. Totally relaxing. Track 3 is a nice journey of slow beats and mystic sounds, perfect for chilling out in the evening or at night. This track was originally made by Sounds From The Ground, but here we get a remix by Bluetech. Track 4 has a very floating vibe with dubby beats and weird melodies. Nice one. Track 5 is the jazz influenced track we got in CD 1, with relaxing, playful electronic piano etc. This is a more dubby version of it. Track 6 is a pretty happy chill track, with great melodies and funny little details. Music you can never get bored of. Track 7 has also got some dub ingredients, but also tons of beautiful sounds and melodies, including some relaxing guitar and flute in the middle. Great track. Track 8 has some intense, rolling melodies that remind me a little bit of Entheogenic. Quite psychedelic track. Track 9 is more experimental. Here we get thrown into really far out, weird, psychedelic soundscapes. Very mystic, almost scary sounds. Track 10 is another favourite on this album. Heavy, dubby beats and some fantastic sounds swirling around. The last track we get on CD 2 is a short little track that slows us totally down, with some very melancholic piano and floating sounds. A beautiful finish on the album.

With this release you get two CD’s of fantastic chill out music for you listening. Great variation in and between the tracks on both CD’s. Definitely one of the biggest surprises this year and for sure one of the best releases on the chill out marked. Recommended!

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I really recommend this one. Haven't snatched up the double release yet but I have been loving Prima Materia since when it was first released on Waveform.

Bluetech is very talented
Bluetech Special Launch Broadcast on DI.FM Online Radio


Aleph Zero is happy to announce the special launch event of Bluetech – Elementary Particles and Prima Materia on Digitally Imported ( online radio chillout channel.
In the event, the entire album will be streamed mixed for your listening pleasure.

Don’t miss it!

For more info please visit Digitally Imported website:

Review courtesy of Alex /

From the west coast of North America comes the latest addition to the respected label, Aleph Zero, in the shape of digital downtempo who breathe experimental excursions directed by Evan Bluetech. This release is a special edition double CD who delivers everything from far ambient oriented expressions to psychedelic dub and journeys of downtempo. Aleph Zero, who's set a high goal to achieve from the beginning with the release of the second Shulman album ("In Search of a Meaningful Moment"), were put to a difficult task by trying to continue at the same level of quality as earlier - but nothing is impossible, and everything is possible in the green forests of Oregon.

Elementary Particles

01 – Elementary Particles (re-edit) (08:12)
The first CD's opening track feels very much like it's telling a story through melodies, everything expressed in a melancholy environment. It reminds me a little bit of the very first Shulman album, and at the same time it reminds me of a feeling that this is something that I might've heard before. It's an incredibly beautiful track, but the melancholy soundscapes makes this something that I don't really like to enjoy when I'm in a good mood.

02 – Alchemie Dub (06:43)
Psychedelic dub at a high level is delivered at the second track of the cd, and I get totally fancied of how Evan mixes voices together with the music. Together with those playful images painted of sound, the mind flies out to higher levels of peace, and this is definitely candy for the ears. I suspect that this track will get to work awfully much in my stereo, so to avoid any damage to the CD caused by looping, it's time to go on to the very next track.

03 – Cosmologic (07:32)
Here, Evan falls back again to the soundscapes of tiny melancholy - but with a little bit more feeling for a smile woven into the track when it's served. The tempo slightly increases, but it feels like it's happening too little from time to time. All though the track is served a little bit more laidback, but I still wish soundscapes of more width than this.

04 – Koinonea (06:30)
Evan takes his fully right for real to show that he's a musician in "Koinonea". It serves beautiful melodies, a nice atmosphere and a very intelligent musical expression. A lots of details twists the ear, and you're happily surprised for every second that comes. Doctor Alex best tip of cure this summer is to inhale, exhale, relax - and put on Koinonea in the stereo.

05 – Prayers For Rain (J.Viewz remix) (04:59)
The first who pops up in my head is a feeling that I usually receive from old hiphop beats, and when this track really kicks in I finally understand the absolute definition of space hop. As the track develops, you're really getting a taste of what's called perfect productions - and you can't find anything to whine on here. If this would be a swimjump, as we now are facing the days of the Olympics, this would be something all judges would turn 10.0 - no doubts about that.

06 – Oleander (07:08)
This is so intelligent! I really appreciate the rich amount of details in Evan's music, and this is a masterpiece. With moving sounds, cosmic images of sound and storytelling tunes, this music awakens feelings in the body that you didn't thought existed. It's still a little bit of a melancholy atmosphere, but it's superb as we're traveling these soundscapes.

07 – Worthy (03:05)
The final track of the CD is like the title tells, worthy. A three minute long journey accompanied by a voice who's presented in a way that awakens dreams of Middle East in my mind, in the very best experimental breath. This is a perfect cut for this album's first CD.

Prima Materia

01 – Leaving Babylon (06:45)
After a tasteful first part it was time to get to know the second CD's soul, and it begins literally trippy. It serves small feelings who sneaks around in the body, such feelings you got when you heard Shpongle for the very first time. My advice is to really hug your pillow in order to stay in reality, because the mind is really out on a roll here in full psychedelic chaos!

02 – Prophetic Sines (06:18)
When we're still on a roll, we continue as were the previous track ended - beautifully and atmospherical. The track delivers vibrations in body and soul, and the joy's on top in waves, since it changes between a little bit more chilled excursions to moments of climax.

03 – Triangle (retriangulated) (07:04)
After two far out journeys in Evan's soundscapes, the CD goes back to a more melancholy mode again, and not as flipped out as the previous ingredients of the album. This track feels a little bit dry from time to time, and I really miss a certain depth in the image of sound, a depth you'll find in the other tracks of the album. Despite the moderate atmosphere, the track still flow but some more spice wouldn't hurt.

04 – Rubicon (05:59)
A laidback session later, we're dissolving into a more positive and joggy atmosphere. Even here that dry feeling comes to my attention, but despite that it's a little bit more action here and generally it feels like a soft session of meditation in the shape of sound.

05 – Prayers For Rain (dub mix) (06:54)
This track feels almost complete, except for a weird and annoying melody who wanders during the midsection complex of this track. The version on the first CD feels more tempting to repeat again than bring this track on once more. But still it's first class dub even if the J.Viewz remix gets my heart to beat even harder than this performance.

06 – White Magnesia (05:42)
The smile is stuck on the lips, the exertion feels in the whole face and it's all glued on me with superglue. This is really a happy and playful journey through the dimensions of imagination, the ultimate definition of superb music and at the same time a welcome sign who tells that the music scene still develops. Close your eyes and enjoy the flow!

07 – 7th Phase Dub (06:30)
This is definitely something you'd like to hear if you have a predilection to cosmic dub and space journeys of the more soft style. With a constant development of the soundscapes, Evan presents us to more soft and broaden images of sound, loaded with spiritual energy and vibe.

08 – Burning Waters (06:35)
I wonder what the title hint at, but in any case the track delivers a religious musical experience. Spiritual magic embraces the track and is spread like ear candy to the soul of the listener, during this sightseeing of Evan's mind. It gives me some vibes from the past as so to speak, nothing you would think that was cast today at your first session of listening.

09 – Mezzamorphic (08:00)
What might be the album's most unpredictable material lies hidden at track number nine. It feels a little bit more laidback and it breathe more funky vibrations. The feeling of Evan tie the melancholy soundscapes back together with the more playful spreads heat in the body, but it requires more than this to tie the whole sack together and deliver.

10 – Desperate Ends (05:34)
It feels like it's time to cut the rope, a task that's worthy Evan to solve with melodical atmospheres and swingy flows in nearly six minutes. Something is supplied, a message is broadcasted, an announcement is a part of the music that hits you in a magic way. The track's culmination is definitely the track's middle part, where Evan's creativity goes full range power and intelligent distinguished tones of first class is served.

11 – Cliffdiving (01:57)
The ears didn't expect this, as we are accompanied by a melody who surely could be the ending roll of a David Lynch movie. Two minutes of piano rolls cuts the rope for this album's second CD, and it feels suspicionly like I'm left alone without the pleasure to walk out of the cinema happily, when this depressed soundscapes embraces us. At the very same time it does feel like a beautiful goodbye, were Evan's not telling us cold "Good bye", but he's telling us "See you soon again!â€

The second release of Aleph Zero is definitely a release which is getting better and better the more you listen to it. At the very first sight, it might not feel too interesting, but as you give it a fair chance in your deepest lonely moments, Evan will spellbound the listener with his magic - everything from structural melancholy to moments of playful experience. If you dare to let this album into your own sphere, and give it a fair chance you'll find yourself end up loving these works of Evan Bluetech - the author of possibilities in Oregon.
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Elementary Particles / Prima Materia
Aleph Zero (Israel)

Oh. My. God. Tasty? (Yes). Transporting? (Yes). Psychedelic? (Yes.) Am I going to use more than one word in a sentence? (No. Alright, Yes.) Bluetech is from California and this album is an incredibly tasty offering. First thing you notice is there’s two CD’s in here -- and while not strictly full-length, you’re still looking at two hours of sublime chilled psychedelia. And by this, we’re not referring to your average hammock-chanting-McKenna fodder; this here’s “proper†music. There’s evidence of classical or jazz training here, as melodies form and move you in the same way that Jerry Garcia might if he was making psytrance… this melodic squirm may leave some people a bit baffled; more Pharoah Sanders than Pharoah Shpongle, you may want to check it before you buy. For the open-minded listener however, there’s depth and love gone into this that literally oozes out your speakers; best reflected on Alchemie Dub, Prayers for Rain (both versions) and Prima Materia’s high-watermark 7th Phase Dub. This is a hugely loveable collection, that’s been the soundtrack to psyreviews’ top floor penthouse wall-to-ceiling-window central London apartment since it arrived, and all indications show no sign of that changing anytime soon. Maximum respect.

Bluetech - Elementary Particles & Prima Materia (Aleph Zero Records)

Artist: Bluetech (Evan)

Title: Elementary Particles & Prima Materia

Label: Aleph Zero Records

Cat: AlephZ02

Genre: Psychedelic

Playtime: 44:09 + 67:18 = 111:27

Elementary Particles Tracklist:

01 Elementary Particles (Re-Edit) 08:12
02 Alchemie Dub 06:43
03 Cosmologic 07:32
04 Koinonea 06:30
05 Prayers For Rain (J.Viewz Remix) 04:59
06 Oleander 07:08
07 Worthy 03:05

Prima Materia Tracklist:

01 Leaving Babylon 06:45
02 Prophetic Sines 06:18
03 Triangle (Retriangulated) 07:04
04 Rubicon 05:59
05 Prayers For Rain (Dub Mix) 06:54
06 White Magnesia 05:42
07 7th Phase Dub 06:30
08 Burning Waters 06:35
09 Mezzamorphic 08:00
10 Desperate Ends 05:34
11 Cliffdiving 01:57

My copy of Stephen Hawking's "The Universe In A Nutshell" says that a elementary particle is "A particle that is believed cannot be subdivided." So all in all they're pretty small thingies. They're actually very small thingies. They're infact even smaller than the diversity in the full on side of psytrance. No way? Yes, it does sound unbelievable, but do take my word for it, it's true! If you want to know more about them then here's a good site to start with

If you went to Underwater Overground or Voov or Boom or Transit this summer there's a good chance you catched Bluetech playing. I did the Transit via Boom thingy and didn't to my knowledge catch him. Was he there? I don't know! I know I was. Infact I even know who's to blame. The finger points at Boom and Transit organizations. You know some people actually came there because of the chill out.

Prima Materia has been spinning in my cdplayer for the last couple of days, the thing is really growing on me. To tell the truth my hifi is still place unknown to Elementary Particles. I've rather taken a liking to Prima Materia. It's beautiful, melodic, atmospheric and most important of all, properly fucked. This is the album that was already released, right? How was I able to miss it? Was there a hype? I don't think there was! There should have been. There should have been a big one.

And now for something completely different.

It's been like two months now that I received this cd. And still at this very moment all that I've written of it can be found above. It wasn't supposed to go like this. I'm pretty lazy bastard, but still there must have been more to it. Back to the point. The album is good. It's way more than that. You saw that coming didn't you? But damn, you have to admit that it's a monster to review! Sure I could tell the basic shit like it's Aleph Zero's second release, first one being Shulman's In search of a meaningful moment and that the other cd of these two was released at some label already and umm, that's pretty much all I know. Well the guy, Bluetech I mean, his name, it's Evan. He also goes by the name Evan Bluetech, but seriously, that's not his last name now is it? I bet you a million euros!

It still remains to be decided which one I like the best. Elementary Particles lived in my sterea for around two weeks and now Prima Materia has a good ten day streak thingy going on. And this is the second round! No stand out tracks either, although I always and I mean always find that at some track (both album's got one) I find my concentration to the music increasing.

What the hell is the music like? In one word. The music is â€goodâ€. In two words. The music is â€very goodâ€. It's infact so good that it takes way more than two words to put it properly. It's sort of like classical music although it's nothing like classical music. It's sort of psychedelic but it's definitely not psychedelic in that eat mushrooms and take chemicals kind of way. It's more like comfy warm - that sky is sort of psychedelic and I like the stars - sort of thingy. Or the moon perhaps. The moon is big, nice, comfy and yellow! If Shpongle's â€Are You Shpongled†is the Death Star and â€Tales Of The Inexpressible†is Earth then this one is definitely the Moon. Why? How the hell should I know? It just is. Just like the Moon orbits Earth and Earth orbits the Sun and Death star could blow the whole fucking thing up in a second.

On the thank yous list thingy Evan tanks the Source, the Light and the Breath. It's a good thing he does for you can really feel their bid all the way thru. It took me like more than a month to realize but then it finally came to me. Just like a minute ago actually. I think that this album has that "not from our scene" feeling thingy. You know. You don't? Nevermind then, because I don't either. But anyways that's one of the strong holds of this album. It's as if this guy Evan has never ever before heard of "our music" and so he's doing his own style thingy, which granted, isn't that completely different to say Shpongle or Shulman or well you know the general psychedelic chill out. Now I could go on and on about this but if you don't hear it then don't. It probably isn't there anyways and I'm just audionicating. That's a new word for sure! Actually I bet I'm horrbily wrong.

The other reviews out there and here already describe the album to a point so there really is no point in going deeper. Have you come across a negative review yet? I sure haven't. Someone was saying something in the manner of "a bit minimal". I'd say he must have been listening to low bitrate mp3s for the sound is rich in this disc. The force aint weak either. =)

The artwork is beautiful, did I mention that yet? I don't think I did. J.Viewz of Violet Vision seems to only come up with quality tracks and a bad track from him remains to be heard. I don't see it coming anytime soon to say the least. Should you buy this album? If you dig the psychedelic side of chillout you probably should. If you're bored of psytrance then there's even more reason for the purchase. If you're just a mp3 lamer this one here is a great chance to change your way. Goes well on the same cd rack with Shpongle, Shulman, Ott, Life Is series, Kaya Project and all in all the ever growing insanity.

Now I should probably write way more, for this album does deserve it. Notice, when I say â€this albumâ€, I'm actually talking about the whole release, both albums. But I have no words. You can't concentrate on writing when you listen to it and somehow you forget the music the minute it stops playing. It doesn't wear out that's for sure. Well that's it for now..

Massive respect for Bluetech and Alep Zero for this brave release..