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Does any one know of a good bpm counter that can run using the input of my computer, all the ones i've tried have been pretty dum? I want to put my decks into the input so i can calculate the bpm.

Also being that computers are pretty noisy any ideas for a processer fan that doesn't purr it actually sounds like a injured cat meowing!!!! Tried to put my computer into a box but oh dear it over heated!

chessy peas
Seconded. My new pc was built with a bunch of quietpc components (cpu cooler, videocard heatsink, ball-bearing PSU fan, case fan speed controller) and now all I hear, if I try really hard, is the very very quiet sound of a single low-speed case fan. Well worth the small investment :>
Bloody hell, they look nice (never mind how they perform..)

Also you could always go the water cooling route too