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Can anyone with knowledge tell me if any of these bundles are a good buy (price, and what you get)?

I really wanna buy my DJ equipment soon!

pis & løv,

PS. If someone in England (London) has x2 CDJ100 and/or a mixer to sell, please PM me. I have a friend in London who will arange the shipment from England to where I'm located.


me and my housemate just got (brand new) cdj200s off ebay for £530.

i ended up paying £190 more for a mixer to go with them, but with a cheap 2nd hand mixer you could probably get 200s for a similar price to some of those bundles... (you can always get a better mixer later...)


psytones said:
Thank you for the "tip". Anyone else?

are you being sarcastic? at least i bothered to reply...

or are you just finding interesting and new ways to use quotes?

Ian R

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I was lucky enough to get a PAIR of CDJ100's and Pioneer DJM300 mixer for £400:ibiggrin:
U need CDJ500s or CDJ1000 to be able to pitch bend :Smile3: