I need a pair of DJing headphones. I've only used Sennheisers. My question : is there any difference between makes and what do I look for in good headphones.

Fushion Julz

Sound Bod
what do I look for in good headphones.

Sound quality
Sound Isolation (or not)

Sennheisers are fine...But the HD25 is pretty much the only 30ohm set in their range and they have too small a cup (for me) and they allow too much ambient noise in.

Try looking at Beyer Dynamic (some of the best, but pricey), Technics (they are decent and reasonable in price) or Sony (good sound, flimsy build) too...

Remember that any with an impedence over about 50ohms will be too quiet for most DJ mixers...The higher the impedence, the lower the sound level, but the better the damping (so better sound quality).


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Just got some AKG K271 s which im pretty pleased with
worth a look imo