The Police the Para's and the SAS


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Right then funnies, lets go!

The police the para's and sas go out on an adaventure weekend to suss out which organisation is best (yeah i know but for the purposes of the joke!). The course leader addresses the men at the start of the weekend and informs them of their task... Each team must enter the woods at the top of a nearby hill in turn locate kill and bring back a rabbit ready for skinning and eating the next morning! First up was the SAS, you know the score night vision goggles - poor little barstard didnt stand a chance! 10 mins later they bring out a large rabbit with no markings but a hole between the eyes! "excellent work" says the course leader.

Next in are the paras - running in guns blazing the faint sounds of grenades and mortars can be heard back at camp they return a few hours later clutching the head and entrails of a rabbit. "Well it is technically a rabbit so it will do-well done!) Next up are the coppers five are sent in walking from all directions whistling as they go. 10 hours pass and the coppers return "Where have you been it's been 10 hours since you left" the coppers apologised but assured the instructor that they had the rabbit and brouht forward a squirrel in handcuffs!

"What the fuck is that?" "Get back in there and dont come back till you have a fucking rabbit" Said the instructor now quite pissed off directing the coppers back to the wood they turn around and the hunt continues. A few more hours pass and they return still with what appeared to be the same squirrel in handcuffs! The instructor is about to go mental when one of the coppers gets his truncheon out smacks the squirrel round the back of the head and the squirrel shouts.....


That was a mission and a time your getting a knock knock joke!