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west london
1 Ritual dance

2 decoder

3 Holographic Memory 1

4 Agitato homemade

5 Nu clear visions vo 1

6 zoo B2

7 waves of ibiza

8 The natural waves of sound ... compact

9 Spunout.... spun

10 New directions ... star sound

There so many others like alien safari that i missed out icould go on and on
complations 1 and 2 was very special to me beacase they remind me of crystal fields because many of those tracks where played that night and it was a phat party :punk: :partysmi:

protoculture ... refractions has to be my favourite of this year !!!!!!!!!!
1. Neo: Robotics - Neurobiotic
2. Holographic Memory 2 - Solstice
3. Pressure - Spun
4. N.E.O. - Transient
5. The awakening of the tribes - psyclon records
6. Maia Factor - Maia Records
7. Future Navigators 3 - Spectrum
8. Zero_1 - Spun
9. Waves From Ibiza - Amp Records / Psytelligence - Organic
10. Reefer Madness - / Absolute Threshold - Dragonfly

wasn't there shitloads of good tunes in the last year?

yer man there was loads of wicked tunes i even forget to put digtal eye on there

:partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi: :partysmi:
1. Holographic Memory 2 Solstice World
2. Waves From Ibiza 1 MP
3. Magnet Vision Quest
4. Spun Zero_1
5. Reefer Madness TIP
6. Nu Clear Visions 1 TIP
7. Nu Clear Visions 2 TIP
8. Master Minds 3D Vision
9. Secret Of The Xtal Skullz TIP
10. GMS The Remixes Spun

I think.... Doing this from memory cause I'm at work at my CD stash is at home!

Holographic Memory 2 is probably the best compilation all year for me and I only got it a couple of days b4 the year was up...
For Anybody who is interested I just got Transient NEO Compilation (as featured quite high in Mr Red 5's top ten compilations) for the wickid price of £4.99 from, obviously I wouldn't normally deviate from Chaos Unlimited but special prices make for special circumstances...
Wow! There was loads! But they're all in the house.Erm-Cipher/ The Encroachment/ Psychedelic Picnic/ Decoder/ Voices of Madness/ shit-my mind's gone blank.
A friend gave me a copy of "Voices of Madness" for my birthday, (he bought it for himself I think, and then passed it on to me) and it scared seven bells of shit out of me, 5 mins after putting it in the CD player I lost it and ran out into the street, and was found by men in white coats 16 hrs later, completely white shaking and repeating "voices of madness" over and over again.. Not really but it is scarey and not my cuppa tea.
Im not gunna give a top 10, cant b assed to think but did anyone come across an album by new-comers Dynamic the album was dynamic,

Holy shit crap, i thought this was one of the finest pieces of trance work ive heared yet. There are others that tickled my riddler but this one sticks out.

Views anyone on this album?
And guess who's coming to play in London soon ...

Dynamic / Eskimo / Rastaliens / Setherians at the Rex :lol:
1. Absolute Threshold - Dragonfly
2. Holographic Memory2 - Solstice
3. Alpha - Liquid & Solid
4. Clarity - Nano
5. BPM 2 - Agitato
6. Digital Eyes - Third Eye
7. Pressure - Spun
8. Homemade - Agitato
9. Reloaded - Transient
10. Decoder - Neurobiotics

Most of these would have been at my number 1 position at somepoint during the year, so its hard to say that this is a definative top 10.
special selections vol 1 and 2
tweakers (Jan 2004)
Safi connection: Prince of paranoia (older but still top when I play out)
blowfish :puffed up
Oryx :advanced retro model
GMS:no rules (old again but amazing)
Hux Flux: Divisions by zero
Bamboo forrest: (new one not sure of ther name cds at home)
d-Tek: Universal test
Infected Mushroom :converting Vegitarians

These are some that seem to go over extremely well in Canada, people don't know Psy at all here and the feedback from the clubbers is amazing.

All I can say is that GMS, Safi connection and Astrix are staple to play for me anyway.

Have a great day

Tristan Newton
Y2K ent New york
GAD talent scout for Canada and soon to be U.K
Tristan _ u have only one COMPILATION in there dude :no:

In no particular order.....
  • Maia Factor (Maia Recs.)
  • Decoder (Neurobiotic)
  • Neo Robotics (Neurobiotic)
  • Tweakers (Spun Recs.)
  • Wild Life (Alchemy Recs.)
  • Psycho Laboratory (Mechanik Sound Recs.)
  • Think Sync (Com.Pact)
  • Reloaded (Transient)
  • Agni Hotra (Glowing Flame Recs.)
  • undecided
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Aw... but it's not the same if I say it. Mind you any input from me on this thread removes any chance of legitimacy for any compilations I appear on. :Sad:

Getting late... I'm getting grumpy! :Grin:
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Perhaps I should become the :ph34r: and hide in my own shame :wizard1:

Stupid stupid Tristan :lolsign:

Back to Canada for me.
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Perhaps I should become the :ph34r: and hide in my own shame :wizard1:

Stupid stupid Tristan :lolsign:

Back to Canada for me. [/quote:ec74c023d3]
Hey no probs there!

And you have some really fine stuff there!

Blowfish, Oryx,Hux Flux,Bamboo forrest rock me word:speaker:

Nice cuts man!

And :welcome: btw!